Lost Odyssey My Gaming Journal/Diary Part 9 Lirum And Her Father, Kaim?


So, with nothing left to do in the city of Numara we decide to go on with our travels, where I hear you ask? I don’t know it’s never discussed, so the only thing to do is leave and see the options we can travel to and it turns out our next port of call is the port of Numara!…..Whatever we’ll go with it. After 5 minutes though we’ve looted what little there is and we promptly leave (that was worth our time eh) and we find ourselves in a much interesting locale namely the city ruins oddly enough named “Ghost Town” gold star for whoever came up with that name.

We bump into two kids however (called Cooke and Mack) who are taking in the blue plants which are called “Tenderflora” which have an almost ethereal quality about them and are said to make people happy, which of course is why people want to pick them. They also happen to be there mums favourite flowers so they have a vested interest in protecting them too.

This gets put to the test almost straight away when a small squad of Numaran soldiers walk by and see the flowers and since there extremely rare they want to pick them, one soldier specifically wants a few to give to his girl so itll be easier to get her into the sack…. Jansen of course likes this line of thinking, but before the soldier can get the flowers Cooke and Mack stand in front of him blocking his path and proceed to attack him, Mack especially has a vicious attack where he shouts really loud at them….. This is of course where we step in to beat them down and show them the meaning of respect, which of course we do with ease as these dudes are no match for us, ok they hit fairly hard but really you should have no problems with these arseholes.

Once we promptly beat them down they run away like the cowards that they are, Cooke and Mack want to take us home with them as a reward for saving the flowers (and their lives too but that never gets mentioned for some reason…). We accept but we have to make our own way there which is fine by me as we get to loot some more pots and chests for more stuff, and there is quite a lot of stuff so im happy :). Anyway their house is only a short run away (keep holding X to make Kaim run at turbo speed), we enter the house ourselves and see the kids huddled around a bed where presumably their mother is resting? As we get closer the kids introduce us to there mum and as they get to introducing Kaim their mother gasps loudly as she clearly recognises him and reaches out to him.

Kaim however takes a little longer as hey, the bloke has amnesia, but then it comes to him and he gasps just as loudly and goes to take her hand. Just who is this woman lieing in bed? Its Lirum, the girl from Kaims dream (where she falls off the cliff and we assume she died) but no she’s very much alive and we find out that she is in fact Kaims daughter, and the woman beside Kaim on the cliff? It was Sarah his wife and her mum. Also remember the man hidden in shadows during that dream? It was Gongora, he was the one who instigated Lirums downfall and he was the one who took their memories.

Here is where it gets very emotional as we learn Lirum is very sick (in our terms she’s terminal) and shes very close to death as she begs Kaim to look after the kids, of course he will, and with that she slowly closes her eyes and passes away while you hear Cooke and Mack wailing Mom! over and over, crying there eyes out, it’s utterly heart breaking 😦 the weather changes to dark grey rain as she passes and then we fade to black.

Only to be met with the sight of Tolten back in Uhra who is outside completely oblivious to the torrential downpour, who is on his way to the statue of his father the former king while Uhra was still a monarchy. He moans a bit more and shows his angst about not having the strength to by like his dad etc yadayada yeah we’ve heard it all before. But before he can finish his bitching to an inanimate stone object he gets ambushed by the very same mud monsters that Gongora was toying with back in his underground secret laboratory something fishy is going on eh? So Tolten has to fight them and they go down with extreme ease. After killing those mud monsters Chariman Roxian comes onto the scene gabbing on about how he doesn’t want the monarchy restored, Uhra must remain a republic, and how Tolten must die (hey wait a minute i might agree with you on that point!).

Roxian promptly attacks Tolten and gabs off some more political bullshit that’s not totally important to the story so its safe to ignore him. He’s also a piece of piss to beat just like the mud monsters, and when you do we get treated to a cut scene of Gongora dashing onto the scene just as Tolten lands the killing blow on Roxian, coincidence much?

Tolten of course in his agitated state buys the bullshit that Gongora is selling and agrees to go along with any plan that Gongora has cooked up to “Help Him” bad move buddy. As the two leave to go back home we see that Roxians body has now morphed into a mud monster, shock horror! It wasnt the real Roxian! Tolten its alright you didn’t kill the chariman! Oh, there already gone…..

We cut to the chairman’s office where the real Roxian is sitting, seemingly doing some late night work. He hears a noise looks behind him then looks back in front, where a gigantic fucking cobra is there waiting to eat him. So the real Roxian is now dead but not by Toltens hand, but he doesn’t know that. Things are being set in motion alright, as we come back to Toltens mansion where Gongora is saying that the only way to save Uhra now is to restore the monarchy and have Tolten as king and to pass off the death of the chairman as a tragic accident. All too convenient but i guess never underestimate the stupidity of the average JRPG citizen!

What we are left with however is the question that what does restoring the monarchy do for Gongora? And what are his motives exactly?

Come back next time and hopefully we can find out!

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it

Pt 8-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-zc        Pt 10-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-Aj



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