Kerbal Space Program The Adventures Of The DeathTrap Rocket Program


Ok, DeathTrap is the name of the ships im making on Kerbal Space program, an apt name I think you’ll find considering the many disasters that will occur as you get used to this game.

I picked this up a few days ago on steam, some sort of early access? So i presume it’s still in alpha stage but don’t let that put you off this is actually a lot of fun, if quite hard to get to grips with. Think of it like the first time you ever played minecraft when it had no hint of a tutorial, remember? It’s like that all over again.  Although the game does contain a few tutorials there quite light on info, especially on the space ship building phase, so you have to experiment with the different parts and test launch your creations to see how they hold up, what there strengths and weaknesses are etc, of course this means the Kerbals (little green creature/men will die in various flavours of explosions and monumental crashes, it’s just a hazard of the job im afraid.

The 2nd Iteration of the Deathtrap series of space rockets:


(The intrepid little kerbal pilots in the bottom right. Id be scared too guys)

I’m still getting to grips with flight in space as ive been spending most of my time building the right sort of craft, for example in the early iterations of craft I made, I kept forgetting to add parachutes to the main module which hold the little pilots…. Yeah so basically as soon as I took off it was a one way trip. Thankfully though in the DeathTrap 2, I managed to find the parachutes and attach them to the command module which actually worked…. Kind of, I also added landing struts to keep the little guys safe and that worked too, again kind of.

Suffice to say there’s somewhat of a steep learning curve with the game but its forgiving when you fuck up because there are always more pilots, more components as replacements, it encourages experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t, so you can keep on improving the crafts you build, like I quite clearly need to.


(Bailing out because the engine was about to explode from overheating…. The De-coupling didn’t quite work as you can see.)

Even when you fail it’s never seen as outright failure because you can only learn by failing in this game, unless you happen to be a rocket scientist in the first place. But when you do manage to pull off a successful flight and go into orbit above your planet you get a sense of accomplishment that you don’t get with many game. Of course you don’t get many games where you’re in charge of your own space program but still! There is a lot more you can do with this game that im still exploring, but apparently you can make your own space station? Or perhaps that’s a feature to come? Theres all sorts of things you can do and i expect all sorts of things to come since this is early access from steam. £17 is a great price for me as this game will last a looonggg time for me, im loving it.

So are you guys wondering how my control module fared during its landing process? Well….. I’ll show you instead of trying to convey it in words.


As you can see it was all going well, then landing struts were down, the parachute was fully deployed slowing us down nicely, and then came the actually landing. Initially the struts worked perfectly and the landing was perfect, then, the module rocked forward and fell down as you can see….. I’m still calling it a success because I didn’t kill my little pilots, but yeah…. It needs work as you can see, but its nice to at least have a base to work off now.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, I definitely did 😉 im thinking of doing this alongside the Lost Odyssey series as a change-up every so often.

As always though Thanks for reading



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