Lost Odyssey My Gaming Journal/Diary Pt 8 Numara And Impending War


So After Jansen drugs and kidnaps the queen, which still looks like rape to me i am not cool with this. He hears a sound from the front door and goes to eavesdrop on whats happening…. WHILE STILL CARRYING THE QUEEN! Dude put her down you still have a chance to redeem yourself here. But no he hears the trouble, and the secret escape gets “accidentally” activated giving Jansen a convenient place to escape to. Which he does but once he gets to an engine room with jets of steam puffing out intermittently we find that the queen was never in fact drugged to begin with (she has more power than we first imagined?) and she turns Jansens feet into stone, you go girl! And he gets captured along with Kaim and Seth previously who went quietly with General Kakanis after being captured while Jansen went to get his rocks off (idiot).

We then cut back to Uhra, more specifically Gongoras underground and very much hidden laboratory where he is bringing to life some sort of mud monster? All the while pulling ridiculous faces and laughing to himself in a vain attempt to look evil and intimidating, seriously you don’t need to do that dude you can be intimidating without the clichés.

So after that brief and, somewhat pointless scene (as it lasted all of 20 seconds perhaps?) we cut back to the White Boa ship docking into Numara which is shown off in spectacular fashion by a very nicely done cut scene, seriously it looks fantastic and also Numara looks great too, very picturesque, it makes you wish you could visit it.

(The Sail into Numara)

Now we come across an audience chamber and the sweeping figure of Queen Ming Numara as the focus, speaking to her troops, giving a speech on peace, forgiveness and being good people (all the while she’s speaking, a platform rises in the centre just in front of Ming showing Kaim, Seth and the idiot in handcuffs. As she gets to her climax (to her speech! Not anything else!) she releases us in the name of mercy, with Kakanis looking on im not sure im feeling comfortable about this as there has to be some sort of ulterior motive because Kakanis doesn’t look all that fussed about it, hmmm. Our heroes don’t think twice about it and we bolt towards the exit making sure to save as I honestly can’t remember the last time I saved it, so better safe than sorry, remember that.

As we make our escape we get a glimpse inside Mings quarters, when Kakanis comes inside declaring on his way in that “You played your role well” what role? I thought she was in charge? Oh she just a figurehead, Ming seems to have already accepted this a long time ago while they talk about strategies as it seems, they’ve let our group go so they can track them and see what they get up to and possibly get more information on grand staff. Kakanis and his Military chiefs suspect that Uhra plans to use it for nefarious purposes, so though are planning for a pre-emptive strike to invade Uhra and take control of grand staff (hmm Pre-emptive strikes? Heard that one before!) boldly stating that Numara will become the most powerful peace-loving country in the world! Which is kind of twisted logic if you think about it. Ming however will not stand for that, despite not having any real power since General Kakanis has it all, Kakanis finishes this my stating “War is Inevitable” which is Mings cue to faint, sounds like a star wars quote right?

(General Kakanis)

We finally get to take control of Kaim again as we start to explore the seaside city of Numara, which in a nutshell means, looking for stuff to steal, going into people’s houses whilst there still in there, taking their stuff then walking out again, simple really. Which has always been a staple of JRPG’s and it’s not about to change now. We pick up a nice load of loot and use up all our gold buying supplies (Seriously a discount would be nice mr shopkeeper) as we are about to embark on our travels again……

Pt 9 hopefully coming tonight

Thanks for reading hope it was fun 🙂

Pt 7-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-yZ       Pt 9-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-zu



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