Lost Odyssey My Gaming Journal/Diary Part 5 The Sea Of Baus And Random F’ing Battles!


So where were we…..

Oh yes we are on the Ipsilon mountains-north ridge where the view is superb and still breathtaking even to this day, however that’s until the weather kicks in and utterly hammers down with rain and the wind pummels our heroes with everything its got. It’s also here, where Kaim unlocks another memory/dream from his past about a people called “The Upstreamers” (Trust me its a really good one, one of my favourites, ill write it out later or perhaps do it like i did the previous dream?). Anyway as i said the weather is buffeting our heroes slowing our movement speed an awful lot, however we still persevere and we get our just rewards for riding out that horrible steam with an utterly breathtaking view from the mountain peaks of the scenery down below, mountains, the sea, green fields it’s all very beautiful. Then Kaim sees grand staff in the distance and it triggers another fragmented memory inside him and he feels like he’s seen it before, but he tries to ignore it and beckons Seth and Jansen to move on.

It’s here though that we meet our first proper boss fight, which is a Phoenix/Lion thing called “Grilgan” which isn’t bad as ive heard worse! This fight isn’t too bad, of course i can see it being a bit tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing straight off the bat and being slightly cautious as his attacks can hurt, so its useful to keep healing up when you need to. It’s a pretty good fight but Grilgan is despatched without to many problems and we get on our way again to grand staff through a mining area and out to the main research/engineering base where the workers from grand staff live and I expect perform their experiements on magic. It’s also been completely cut off from communications due to sporadic magic leaks, it’s also here that we learn that those magic leaks are what caused the giant meteor to hit the worhl highlands at the beginning. Typically the scientists are unapologetic (assholes), there’s nothing really here of interest save maybe a treasure chest or two but that’s about it so we decide to move on and leave these people to it.


(The Grilgan boss at the peak of the Ipsilon Mountains)

Off to the Sea Of Baus! Listening to the travel music (which is awesome by the way ill be sure to remember to add it in someday to one of these entries) as we slowly make our way. Ah! we’ve made it, it’s actually quite picturesque, if not for the countless monsters roaming around who are a giant pain in the arse, it’s definitely here where the random battles pick up from around a 3 from the ipsilon range to about a 6 or 7 on the annoyance scale but it’s also needed because i think we’re going to need to do some much-needed power leveling as you cant help but get that feeling shit’s around the corner. Its also good practice for any JRPG, to level up a few more levels than is expected of you in each area, but not too much otherwise you can hit burn out…. Unless your absolutely insane and level up to an insane degree essentially breaking the game but im here for the challenge and a good time so thankfully im not insane. 😉

After many many many maannnnnyyyyyy random battles our heroes make it to a save point, which signifies dooooomm!…. Not really but it’s usually a standard marker that a boss battle is about to happen, so with some trepidation we march on and finally make it to the base of grand staff which is indeed damaged and leaking magic energy, which so happens to be affecting the local wildlife/monsters making them more aggressive etc. So naturally we have to fix this mother before it can do any more harm to anyone, however while this is going on we see that we’re being watched…. What by? I hear you ask, well it turns out to be the very next boss! A giant electric worm thing….. Find out what happens tomorrow. (whether this one gets dispatched with ease or i have to retry a fuck ton, and also the story i guess heh 😉

Thanks for reading

Pt 4-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-yj          Pt 6-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-yK



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