Lost Odyssey My Gaming Diary/Journal Pt 4 Gongora’s Deceit?


Sorry about that, the random battle went on a little longer than I expected….

Ok not really as early on the battles are pretty easy, well, as long as you know what you’re doing although even if you don’t, it does its job nicely of easing you in to the system before really letting you have it with both barrels.

So where we left off, it was at the Ipsilon mountains, and a rather pleasant setting it is too, very much like a green meadow enclosed by sheer cliffs. With long grass and trees a plenty, of which some you can ram against to get some treasure such as extra money or even a magic spell, it requires some patience and some absolute OCD on your part to go over every inch, but its worth it until you get sick of the battles and just want to move on. I am over exaggerating a little bit though about the randomness of the battles so far as they have been more than fair (so far!). There is also another thing i have to explain about the combat systems, and that is the immortals of the party can only learn new skills from accessories or by skill linking with the mortals in their group, where you pick a skill from a certain party member and after a set amount of exp (or SP as it is in the game) you learn that move permanently for the immortal and you get to equip that in a skill slot. I’m a big fan of this system, it’s just one of the reasons that make this game such a great one.

As Kaim and our little group battle our way through Ipsilon we come across a mountain lodge of sorts, where upon seeing this Jansen moans and bitches about needing to take a rest as he’s only human compared to the immortal Seth and Kaim. Although he complains in such a way that make him seem like a giant tit, Seth, happily for me, vocalised my feelings towards him with a barrage of insults and abuse (im liking her more and more 😉 ). So we go inside…. Oh im sorry apparently its a mountain “Hut” ok then, the OCD kicks in once again and I check everything possible for extra loot, gold etc and there are a few bits and bobs laying about so im a happy chappy and thankfully a save point hurrah!

So we finally get to rest, and we get a cut scene where Jansen wakes up in the middle of the night, sits in his bed and ponders something while looking over at Kaim. We then get treated to a flashback of an exchange between Jansen and Gongora where he gives Jansen a purple gem/thing where he’s warned if Kaim or Seth start getting there memories back hes to use the purple thing to I assume erase them again, something is going on here and I don’t like the smell of it.


(This is a lot more innocent than it looks…. But i choose to say “Go on Seth fight him off!)

Come morning time and all is well (Jansen decided against using the purple thing) and we set off out across the Ipsilon Mountains-Northern Ridge which is where the weather starts picking up and the rain chucks down along with the wind making for an unpleasant leg of this journey as it slows our pace down to a crawl, but before we continue any further we get a glimpse of whats happening in Uhra at this very moment, castle Uhra to be precise. We see Tolten (The former royal who seems to be very much influenced by Gongora although mainly out of naiveté one suspects.) at a huge table all alone, getting served some disgusting looking goop for dinner, each to their own I guess bleurgh! He is just about to eat it when Gongora barges in and smacks the plate away from Tolten, seems he has a low tolerance for shitty food aswell…. Nope! It seems the food, if it can be called that, was actually some sort of poison and to test this out Gongora gets a mouse (from one of the many mice he keeps in his pockets?…) and it eats some of the goop, it promptly keels over dead and starts to mutate where upon Gongora kills it with fire.

So after Tolten has finished stammering and Gongora has over-acted his way into the princes good graces even more, we see Gongora leave the mansion but with ominous music in the background. While he’s walking down the hall, he gives a bag of gold to the servant who was the one who served the poisonous goop, and says “Well done, we’ll have to push him harder next time, be ready for when the time comes”

Thanks for reading.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Pt 3-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-yb              Pt 5-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-yE



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