Lost Odyssey: My Gaming Journal/Diary Pt 3 The Long Road Ahead


After we seem to be getting our memories back (since Kaims immortal it may take a while as who knows how long he’s been alive) we go back out into town to try to loot a bit more and explore although as soon as we step foot outside we seem to be getting followed, so Kaim goes down a small alleyway and ambushes his would be assailant, and it turns out to be!…. Some absurdly dressed messenger for Gongora named Jansen, who it turns out is the comic relief for the game, seriously every other line with him seems to be a crack about something. He eventually delivers a message that Kaim is to meet with Gongora at his mansion, which on arrival looks like an incredibly glass cathedral, so to save some time and to not mock Gongoras taste we cut to a meeting between him and some effeminate bloke called “Tolten” who is firmly on Gongoras side and is totally against his house arrest. Tolten isn’t very smart as straight away you don’t trust the G-man for one single second, but as he’s a former royal, as Uhra abolished their monarchy ages ago he’s somewhat of an important guy so i guess he gets a free pass.

When we finally meet with Gongora its simply to tell Kaim that he is forcing Jansen on us for our trip to Grand Staff to allegedly keep an eye out on Seth Balmore as apparently he knows that she used to be a pirate, even though previously we know somethings up as we blatantly got a glimpse at G-man saying how did he not know she was in the city? And giving his history with Kaim and the apparent immortal spell that he cast on him, not forgetting the amnesia Kaim and Seth have, something is fishier than a very fishy thing on a very fishy day.


(Jansen…. Comic Relief/Twat Or so it seems…)

After this meeting is over, we do get a nice little scene that Kaim and Seth share, while Kaim is being all surly etc Seth is being bubbly and extremely bouncy, trying to piece together whether they knew each other in a past life etc. Were they enemies? Allies? Or perhaps lovers?….

Anyway as morning comes and we meet up with Seth at the great gate getting ready to set off on our long perilous journey they get delayed, Jansen if you remember who is a bit of a twat and comic relief stumbles in with a troop of hookers and is already hammered drunk in what is admittedly a pretty funny scene but you do see Seth hitting him so that makes it somewhat bearable. 😉

And with that well deserved bit of abuse of Jansen we set off on our merry way with our first stop at Ipsilon Range and i guess you could say the start of the game properly as it’s the first time we get full control for any length of time. And we get to grips again with, yep you guessed it random battles! Hurrah!……

Before that can happen though we cut to the little group and we see that Seth has apparently been here before and recognises the dangers the place holds, and how does she know this? It’s the memory in her body (i guess her muscle memory if you will?) where everything there is familiar to her senses and to Kaims aswell, although he is less enthusiastic about it, one thinks he could be a bit wary, even afraid of what his life might have been before his amnesia and maybe he doesn’t want to find out?

Oh shit, a random battle, ill be right back….

Thanks for reading guys and gals

Pt 2-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-xS               Pt 4-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-yj



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3 Responses to Lost Odyssey: My Gaming Journal/Diary Pt 3 The Long Road Ahead

  1. C3ph45 says:

    If you hate Random Battles, you should try and avoid doing the Tomb of the Unknown King…

  2. C3ph45 says:

    Although, if you do the Tomb, you’ll come out with your chars in the level 70s, which makes the end of the game a total walkover 😉

  3. djrutland says:

    oh i know there kind of a neccesary evil with JRPGs but doesnt mean i like them…. Just tolerate them 😉 and hey ive done all the dungeons even all the DLC one apart from the boss….. who sucks

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