Lost Odyssey My Gaming Journal Pt 1: Disc 1 Wohl Highlands…Hey whats that in the sky?


(Apologies, i suck at MSpaint)

I figured as my next project (until I can finally find the time to watch the latest resident evil movie which my brother owns but he’s been fairly busy so its been a stay of execution somewhat!) should be Mistwalkers “Lost Odyssey” which remains one of my favourite JRPGs of all time. It was (in my opinion) criminally under appreciated but thankfully it became somewhat of a cult hit due to the players generally being smarter than the idiot gaming publications who reviewed this game.

So what I decided to do is to write a journal recording my adventures through the game, I have completed it several times before so I think it will benefit from that, because I know what im getting myself into and *touch wood* wont get stuck too many times (if I do you’ll certainly know!). Another thing is that I hope people who may not have played it, it will give them an insight into the game while being taken along the story and hopefully enjoy it, and for those who have played it you can’t beat a good bit of nostalgia ;).


So My adventure got off to a thrilling start as I installed the discs onto my Xbox hard drive, only to find that disc 4 was broken…… Ok take 2, after getting it replaced free of charge thankfully I experienced a giddy sense of anticipation as disc 1 loaded up. Everything that I remembered from years ago was there, as I decided to start a brand new game (there was no way I was using a completed save as its been so long ill admit ive got a bit rusty with the more advanced stuff you learn through out the game. Also approaching it as a complete beginner again might be kind of fun too as I get to experience it all over again as though it was new.

So as the intro plays and the opening cut scenes where we see two opposing armies about to go to battle.

One side the Khent.

The other side the Army of Uhra (pronounced oo-rah! Stupid i know)


The Khent army looking like a bunch of dudes in dog armour and the army of Uhra wear these ridiculously shaped helmets that can’t be helpful in a combat situation. These two sides are ready and set on slaughtering each other and as they clash we get a first glimpse of our hero “Kaim Argonar” who is working for Uhra and is cutting down enemy soldiers left right and centre. Only to be confronted by a war machine of Khent that looks….. Odd, it’s basically a heavy vehicle whose main weapon is a giant battering ram thing which it uses to crush enemies in front of it in a sort of chopping motion.

This is where the game cuts in and we get our first transition from the CGI cut scene into the in-game stuff and hey it looks pretty good, especially for its time as I believe this came out in 2008? or some when around there and yknow its held up pretty well (Me saying this in the first 5 minutes of the game but I stand by it!). But anyway im digressing, this is also where the gameplay kicks in and you get the classic JRPG turn-based fighting menus etc, which are all pleasantly familiar if you’ve ever played a conventional JRPG in your life such as the final fantasy games. (This is because the guy behind this game was one of the creators of the series) So he’s bringing all his experience here, so after your done beating the shit out of this machine thing which involves taking it in turns to hit each other until someone falls over (The gentleman’s way to fight). We get interrupted by a cut scene where we start to get glimpses of a gigantic meteor hurtling towards the entire battlefield which will surely kill everyone there. I can’t state enough how huge this thing is, and the utter devastation it wreaks bringing down with it crushing rock and molten lava, to put it bluntly it would be a blood bath if the game had any sort of gore in it (it doesn’t).

Kaim suddenly seems to morph to a location slightly further away from the impact point and just stares at the coming obliteration, its verging on silent horror as the shockwave from the impact rushes very quickly towards him and engulfs him as we fade to black….

….Whats this? He survived? Not forgetting the fact that meteor was big enough to basically destroy the entire fucking world, he should be in a bajillion pieces by now. As we see though, the battlefield where the hundreds and thousands of soldiers have been transformed into a pile of nothingness which isn’t surprising, we also notice that wispy bits of what i presume are souls? At the very least magical in some way. We take control of Kaim again as we start to explore this wasteland opening chests for various goodies such as healing items etc, then we get introduced to the random battle mechanic which no JRPG can do without, even though there probably one of the worst parts. Using the Pokémon example the randomness means either you get attacked after 1 or 2 steps or you get jumped as you find the exit to the dungeon, it can get quickly irritating.


The enemies we face now are the seemingly reanimated corpses of the enemy soldiers, how? We don’t know (yet….) these guys are fairly easy to dispatch as I think it’s still in the gently easing you into the battle system which you’ll breeze through if you have any experience with these types of games before.

So you fight through battles such as these until you make it to a safe point which acts as a kind of evacuation point for any survivors, which there aren’t very many of let me tell you! So you manage to make it out of there with the very few soldiers who make it out plus someone who your eyes linger on, someone you just cant quite place, is she someone we know? Someone we’ve had contact with in the past?…..

Find out next time as the story really begins to get going 🙂

Thanks for reading

Pt 2-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-xS



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2 Responses to Lost Odyssey My Gaming Journal Pt 1: Disc 1 Wohl Highlands…Hey whats that in the sky?

  1. Hey Dave, great idea in making a journal about one of the better RPGs. It’s definitely in my personal top 5 of all time simply because of the musical score. So you sir, have earned yourself another follower and, who knows, maybe we can game it up sometime on XBL. Take care and thanks for the nice read.

  2. djrutland says:

    cheers man, very much appreciated it all gives me another reason to play the game and to really outline how good it really is 🙂 and for sure id be up for that. Take it easy

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