Xbox Live goes a bit twitchy….

All hell breaks loose……

By that I mean being unable to sign into Xbox live even while testing the connection and the console saying that everything is fine, when it clearly isn’t. Now this doesn’t happen that often so it feels like losing a great friend for a time until it comes back on, its strange how its become such an integral part of an (Xbox) gamers life as its integrated so damn well you barely notice it’s there sometimes its just there always like a reliable labrador.

(Ahhh memories of Xbox live in its infancy on the first Xbox)

As when the labrador gets sick or anything like that the owners/everyone freaks out, myself included at times! Even if someone doesn’t use Xbox live much for multiplayer gaming for example if they like having their achievements updated for people to see or if you like leaderboards or whatever, and when there are problems it’s like half the console is broken and you don’t want to play it anymore (or rage, one of the two) which of course is really stupid as the console still works perfectly fine offline!

Such is the collective gamer psyche. Of course im generalizing and drawing a bit of that conclusion from my own experience but ive found that it does hold true in my opinion.

Thankfully there’s never been an outage on the scale of the PSN infamous hack, which was a terrible thing regardless of what side of the gamer fence you sit on, and may it never happen again. Although even minor outages like this one can send the forums into a frothing frenzy of nerd rage. I don’t get toooooo upset about it but there is one thing I wanted to share with you that maybe you’ll know where im coming from and perhaps relate to it to? It’s the issue of achievements again. For me, I hate getting achievements while disconnected to live because its like you havent really achieved it until its been updated to your gamertag online. Now maybe im just being weird in this case, but it just doesn’t have that same sense of satisfaction it normally has while fully connected. As achievements are something I really enjoy and look forward to in a game, that’s why if perhaps I could get the game on steam or the 360 version? I’ll get the 360 version because achievements dude!

Its amazing what they have done with the achievements system and just how integral it has become to gaming as a whole, just take a look at sonys trophy system, it’s clearly “inspired” by the achievement system. How can something so simple as challenging you to do different tasks under different conditions be so addictive? I guess in a way it appeals to ones competitive nature while also giving you that sense of satisfaction when you achieve it. When it plays that *Bink* noise during an achievement unlock is possibly one of the sweetest sounds in gaming ;).

Ok I went off on one a bit there, but in general that’s my reason for possibly turning off waiting for live to come back (if you can pick out the reasons in that little ramble!), actually lets see if live is back up……..



As you can see from the screenshot, no activity available and a blank friends list is not what you would call normal.

I’ve just remembered one other thing to talk about is the issue of the subs fee whether you pay monthly or yearly or whatever kind of deal you choose. I have absolutely no issue with this, you get what you pay for and you get a mainly stable online platform with a massive range of entertainment options at your fingertips (and credit card) and it does this with well designed menus and ease of use so in that argument of free online service such as XBL or PSN I couldn’t give a shit as while people are arguing about it im having fun and there not 🙂

Well I might aswell read or something, although I wish I had “Hotline Miami” that looks pretty good from what ive seen but not able to get it yet *sigh*.

or perhaps I could continue with Aliens Colonial Marines…….

Thanks for reading


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