Bioshock Infinite…Just…..Wow

I was going to write about emotion and the ability to make the player feel something in gaming. But as ive just finished bioshock infinite and been on its rollercoaster ride of an absolutely brilliant story, likeable, relatable characters that you actually get invested in, and care about, which is something I havent felt in a long long time with a game.

And the ending doesn’t so much hit you in the face it quietly brings it to you and it has such a gentle feel to it and not the usual bombast endings that shooters have. I think the word im trying to think of is possible being spellbound, it definitely leaves you thoroughly satisfied. Now I was a bit worried about writing this because I just didn’t think I had the words to adequately describe just how great this game is, and by that I mean how it weaves its narrative, how it uses music to affect the player, characters that players can relate to and get invested in. Booker has to be one of the best main characters out there along with Elizabeth of course but I mean playable characters, he’s not carrying any ego or anything like that, he doesnt even really want to be there, he’s there because he has to be, so he’s carrying that reluctance aswell, but to clear his debt he has no choice but to get on with the job in hand.

The combat was for me admittedly a means to keep the story going, that’s not to mean it wasnt good in fact I really enjoyed that side of it too but really you get so swept up in the story you don’t notice it too much. Shooting dudes in the face takes a back seat very quickly especially as Elizabeth and Booker’s relationship develops in which they have very good chemistry together.

An example of one of the emotions that the game gave me was during a moment where *kind of spoiler alert*………… Elizabeth gets captured and tortured in a kind of broken down asylum and disturbingly every so often you hear her screams and snatches of conversation that cover a long period of time (that’s all ill say about it, if you’ve played it you’ll know what I mean) and I felt increasingly desperate to get her back and keep her safe because hearing her in agony made you feel all the more desperate to get her back, the character that I’d bonded with during the game and again I havent had that sort of sensation/emotion in a game for a very long time.

This is also a lesson in how visuals aid your story too as these graphics are absolutely beautiful, not in the shiny crysis way but that kind of story book/realistic look too it that (believe me) make it an absolute feast for the eyes. I swear instead of doing the missions I spent 80% of the time exploring and taking in the whole city and taking in as much as I could. It was an absolute treat to have access to such a wonderful, creative, beautiful fantasy world to “live” in so to speak for a while.

I do have to mention also that the credits for this game were one of the most entertaining to watch/listen too. That will sound odd but hear me out, the soundtrack they did or chose for the game was great and a pleasure to listen to, however there is one bit that im getting to that blew me away and im so glad that they included it during the credits.

I speak of the video they include of the voice actor and actress for Elizabeth and Booker doing an acoustic duet, and that ladies and gentlemen is what pushed it for me to tear up a bit because it just kept that emotional state from the ending going that much longer, again such a master stroke that im running out of superlatives for it. This is something that bookends the game beautifully and you just don’t want it to stop…. Ever, I will be going through it on 1999 mode aswell so im not done with this yet although id probably go through it again even if there wasnt any extra stuff to do! This is also the very first game where I have bought the season pass which is all single player dlc and I cant wait to see what they come up, very excited for that.

I recommend this game a million, billion, squintillion times over this is safely a game which is well worth the 40 odd pound purchase price or whatever the dollar price is for it, it’s an experience you need to behold 🙂

Let me know what you thought too

And as always thanks for reading



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