The Battlefield 3 Experiment Completed

Hey guys, i wanted to document my thoughts tonight as ive finally reached burnout with battlefield 3 because ive spent roughly 2 weeks of non-stop play on the multiplayer and it was sooooo much fun, i did also spend alot of time on the single player for the achievements which i thankfully completed, including completing the campaign on hard difficulty which was actually a piece of piss as i completed it within 4 odd hours just zooming through it.

So all that was left to me was the multiplayer which was great fun barr the squad deathmatch and squad rush game modes which i hate to this day as i never won a single one, for some reason i was always placed with the shitty team mates and no matter what i did we always lost which pissed me off no end. However the rest of the expansions provided by dice were brilliant, i think my favourites were aftermath and close quarters. They fit my type of fighting style rather than staying out on the perimeter and sniping i could never do that, im always in the thick of it getting stuck in where the action was. Armoured kill was possibly the most frustrating in terms of achievements because there were ones where you had to get a kill with the AC-130 gunship, one where you had to destroy an AC-130 and then get 10 kills with the tank destroyer and the mobile artillery vehicles each which was an absolute pain in the arse because the mobile artillery is sooo inaccurate its like your guy was actually blind when you “aimed” and fired.

The expansion pack “Endgame” was surprisingly good too as i wasnt expecting too much from it as seemingly all it provided was faster vehicles and bringing back the CTF (Capture The Flag) mode, but you know what? It added so much to the game, bringing them back was a master stroke whether they held it back for the dlc and to not include it in the main game? It was so much fun and having no restrictions on you when you carry the flag was great as you can defend yourself rather than run like a lemon with a flag to defend yourself and getting yourself gunned down.

Including being able to transport flag carriers in air vehicles was a master stroke also, as that is balanced out by the enemy team having anti-tank and anti-air missiles so its not the easy ride you might think, also the millions of AT mines that they lay down around the flag, its unbelievable that you could get within 100 yards of the flag and boom your dead and buried by one of the million mines laid on the ground. But it adds that variation that you dont mind what happens as its like a different game which is great! 😀 it definitely pumps you up every game and also as i havent mentioned it before, its gotten me even more excited for battlefield 4!

I just wished they hadnt included squad deathmatch as that has to be one of the worst modes ever thought of and implemented in a multiplayer game. Im willing to admit it might juts be me but its a mode that just isnt fun and will hopefully be scrapped for the new battlefield.

Anyway those are just a few of my closing thoughts as i am now giving battlefield 3 a rest for now and concentrating on bioshock infinite as if you saw my initial impressions post you know its all kinds of awesome :).

Lost oddyssey is looking like the new project but of course,

Coming up next is the continuation of the Resident Evil Movie Marathon 🙂

Thanks for reading



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