Bioshock Infinite A First Impression

This is the intermission before the horribleness of the next resident evil film but i wanted to space that out with some first impressions of what im already thinking is going to be the greatest game of the year, indeed the best game in the last few years.

The graphics are astounding in there design, there not the glossy grey brown dirty glistening models like in gears of war or crysis but it has its own art style that is almost ethereal and it works so damn well and is breathtaking you can easily lose yourself in it and spend aggeess not doing any missions and just exploring what you can and reading everything because it’s so enchanting. Its been a long time where the world you play in is just as fun to look at and explore than the actual game play (which is still great too).

The game starts off a little like bioshock 1 where you (in a nutshell) get taken to a lighthouse which acts as the kind of gateway towards the flying city of Columbia, except this is a little different because its being treated as a kind of heaven, so there are religious zealots aplenty, but the music is so relaxing and a joy to listen to, it lulls you into a calm relaxed state which is how id expect they’d “re-educate” new comers. Once you get into the city however its the Bioshock we know and love (not the bioshock 2!) searching wherever you can looking for loot and food to eat for health, silver eagles seem to be the currency of choice for the city as i have picked up/stolen quite a few of them so far, there was even a bit where in a shop there was a sign “on your honour be it please donate” so i ended up stealing what was in the basket….

There was also another completely mesmerizing bit where on a floating boat/thing a barbershop quartet are singing to a small balcony and I found myself just standing there and watching and listening to them sing “God only knows what id do without you” I don’t think that’s the name of the song but that’s a fairly popular song so hopefully you’ll know what I mean by using one of the lyrics as the title. It was so beautifully done with the couples beside me slow dancing away while the quartet was singing and after they were finished I had to reluctantly continue on exploring getting the feeling that the story was getting in the way of exploring this vast beautiful world :).

Only a short one today as i didnt want to spoil too much, but I just wanted to put down my initial thoughts and I hope you guys and gals agree with me that this game is utterly brilliant and if you havent got it yet go buy it now!… Yes now! 😉

Thanks for reading



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