Battlefield 3: The AC-130 Disadvantage…Who’d have thought?

So recently I bought another expansion pack for battlefield 3, namely “Armoured Kill” or for our american cousins “Armored Kill” now this one I was looking forward too as who doesn’t like extra armour rolling around in a huge battlefield, new tank destroyers, mobile artillery and AC-130 gunships it’s absolutely awesome.

The new maps included are something else entirely, as you would have guessed with the extra armour on board you must have maps that can accommodate them all without getting to “busy” if you see what I mean. So it’s definitely ticking all the right boxes too extend and increase my enjoyment of this wonderful game (yep im still gushing about it 😀 ). The bigger maps especially give you a better chance of practicing with the fighter jets, which when you get used to it are really fun to use….. until you got constantly locked by laser designator on the ground for recon guys who by the various enemy attack helicopters and jets, but that’s for another day.

The new tank destroyers in armoured kill (Well, new for me!) are basically like your standard tank but much faster and with slightly longer barrels. That is one of my favourite additions more so because of the sheer speed it has, because several times ive charged over rocky terrain and bounced around everywhere by it which is adrenaline pumping and the sense of speed in what is an armoured vehicle is awesome.

I’m not a fan of the mobile Artillery though, trying to get kills with that is an utter pain in the arse, currently im getting enough kills via the gunship to get AA missile weaponry which will unlock for the mobile artillery too, therefore making it a million times easier to get kills with it as an achievement rides on it!

That brings me on to the final inclusion of the Armoured Kill pack which is the AC-130 gunship, which if you follow and play any time of military shooter is seemingly the part in a game where you get access to unbelievable powerful weaponry and you get a shooting gallery of dumb fucks to use them on. Which is incredibly fun but only used sparingly as it’s essentially used for protect and escort missions. For example the mission in CoD 4 where you protected the squad in the gunner seat of the gunship, great fun with little risk right?

Wrong! In the context of battlefield 3 at least, as soon as it comes lumbering onto the battlefield regardless of whose side it belongs too (as you have to control a point before it spawns to be able to take control of it) it becomes an instant bulls eye for anti-aircraft missiles, stingers, anti-aircraft emplacements, fighter jets and attack helicopters….. You can see why the odds are kind of stacked against you in this instance. Although you understand why Dice did this, so as to balance things out and to make sure the gunship didn’t become an automatic win for whoever controlled it.

However you just have to laugh when you managed to take control of the gunnery systems on the gunship you have to scan and hope to find someone to shoot quickly before you get a missile up the arse and cannon rounds in the mouth, it’s certainly exhilarating but it of course makes getting kills with it quite hard if you can’t see shit which happens all too often. It might sound like im complaining…. Well yeah I am a bit but it’s still a fun thing to use, just beware when you’re in a gunship absolutely eeverryyoonnneee will be gunning for your arse just make sure you get them first. You do get anti air turrets on the craft too but if you’re getting locked on and attacked by a couple of jets it’ll require a bit of luck to shoot down one of them let alone two…. That is if the pilots are any good.

So there’s your fair warning about the gunships, there not as fantastically over powered as you may initially believe.

Overall though the new mode (tank superiority, just think conquest like but with a shit load of tanks) and vehicles make this yet again a brilliant package, that you’d be mad to miss out on…. Which I was until I actually started playing Battlefield 3 again like a week ago, so much fun catching up on it all though its amazing.

Thanks for reading


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