Battlefield 3: The Quest For The Air Warfare Ribbon….

Well its currently 1:30 am here and ive just finished a marathon 2 hour conquest game on battlefield 3, which was great fun and we won which was even better! It was here that I finally got down to trying to get the air warfare efficiency ribbon or whatever it was as I had already achieved the armoured and transport efficiency ribbon so I needed that last one for an achievement.

Now im pretty good at flying an attack helicopter, but jets? That’s like throwing a toddler into a geometry exam, utterly clueless. So brimming with optimism I jumped into the first jet I could and started to fly about the skies attempting to find anything to shoot at while avoiding getting constantly locked on by ground forces or enemy team aircraft, now this job is made a hell of a lot harder for me as the only upgrade I had for the jet was IR flares. That is useful admittedly to prolong your already short life but I had no offensive weaponry other than a cannon so that neuter you off the bat until you unlock heat seeking missiles etc (which, hurrah! I have now).

The first few flights I took several trips into high-rise buildings in pretty catastrophic circumstances! Unfortunately you can’t seem to take anyone with you so I was forced to keep setting up for gun runs and hoping for the best unless an enemy popped up if they got marked but that rarely happened. So slowly I started to get a hang of the strategy needed when flying fighter jets and I started to enjoy it immensely, I even had the audacity to take on other enemy jets with the cannon… While they were equipped with missiles, its like taking on heavy armour with a fucking pea shooter. I got lucky and managed to come across an ejected pilot parachuting down and while streaking towards him i mowed the guy down and ill admit I did laugh, it just has to be the worst bit for anyone seeing a jet streak towards you while you cant do shit in a parachute.

Fast forwarding a few more jet crashes I managed to strife another guy trying to take a control point of ours. Not on my watch! I set up the gun run and nailed him….. But in the process flew too low to the ground and pretty much bounced off a half destroyed building before exploding with yours truly still inside it.

After that exciting high speed…erm stupidity I settled into a routine of crashing half a dozen jets before getting a kill, and right before the last kill I needed for the ribbon everything fucking dried up. I couldn’t get a kill for love nor money and ended up flying and popping off flares for my life, on one occasion evasive action was being taken by yours truly and ending up turning my jet right into a high-rise building….. I think my thought patterns during that moment went along the lines of “Right I think the missile missed me, let’s try and get the drop on him an……oh shit! building!” and within a split second of thinking that I was toast, didn’t mind too much as it was pretty funny 🙂

But then finally I made it, gunning down a hapless goon running along the beach and it felt awesome (and as a coincidental reward I had unlocked heat seeking missiles too) and that feeling of accomplishment, that smile on my face during and after that game will always stay with me.

Oh and that was the game I managed to sneak up on someone and killed him with the repair blowtorch tool, which was hilarious…. For me anyway 😉

This is what a multiplayer game is all about, I cant stress enough how fun this game is, now just to buy the rest of the expansion packs (I have back to karkand and recently bought aftermath which im loving)

Hope you enjoyed this little account of the massive conquest game I was in and my quest for the air warfare ribbon.

And as always thanks for reading


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