The Return Of Battlefield 3…

Or more accurately, My return to battlefield 3. As after so long i gave in and ended up buying it on the cheap for the format i had it on before (xbox 360) and im so happy i did.

Its pretty much a “come back battlefield 3 all is forgiven kind of moment”… Or perhaps the game is forgiving me for rage selling it after one night of utter terribleness on my part and my utter inability to shoot straight, although there are good reasons for that i was completely off my face drunk and attempting to play a modern military shooter where concentration and somewhat of a keen eye are night on essential… You can see where this is going as i had none of that.

But anyway after installing both discs, the HD content and the various 2 gb patches (not the expansion packs yet although I have “Back To Karkand”) I jumped into a random conquest game and it was like id never been gone and also my skills and abilities had magically returned.

So there I was happily blasting away with the best of them and getting reaquainted with the vehicle warfare too which i realise i should always stay as a gunner because as a driver…. Well i never get too far without getting locked on by a missile and getting fucked up within 100 metres of the starting point. Although it was gratifying to see that even after all this time people still seemed to have an inability to fly the jets and helicopters as all over the battlefield people were crashing their jets and heli’s with glee.

On a personal note I can fly the helicopters ok but in a jet, well I can fly about but if you asked me to kill something id be a bit stuck.

I know ive played the game before but I just wanted to reiterate that everything that makes a multiplayer game fun is in battlefield 3, it’s the complete package. And I will be getting the expansions in due course, although im not completely sold on premium since there’s no more content to come and it would be cheaper to buy the rest of the expansions separate now.

I had an absolute blast with this and will continue to do so 😀

Thanks for reading


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