Gaming Villains Part 3

Its been a while since ive done this so I thought why not at nearly 11 at night 😀

Special Mention:

  • The dinosaurs from Turok 2 Seeds Of Evil for the N64


These deserve the special mention from me because they served as the crash test dummies for one of the most inventive and yet possibly most gruesome weapons ever devised for a game, the only thing that comes close to it is the brain bug in starship troopers where it sucks out that officers brains. The weapon is of course the “Cerebral Bore” where it locks on to a dinos head and latches onto the skill and simply, moves he brain from in the skull to out of the skull. It sounds somewhat ghoulish to say but it was and kind of still is an awesome weapon, certainly the most memorable since i can still remember it to this day. The dinosaurs were great punching bags in the game, despite the game being utterly bastard hard to complete. It still had its moments even though i never completed the game without cheats.

  • The Desperadoes (Metal Gear Rising Bosses)

These motherfuckers were the bane of my life in the game and for one simple reason, their mother humping stun lock attacks where if they land a single blow against you, you’d have to suffer another 5 or so similar attacks before you’d get a chance to fight back.

And since this game doesn’t have a dedicated block button (it has a counter attack feature which is a bastard to master) it makes the fights incredibly frustrating and hair pullingly annoying, in my time with the game the fights would often descend into get as many hits in as possible before i got hit and then simply rinse and repeat which is not fun gameplay! So really just one more thing to say about these twats…. FUCK YOU! YOU SUCK! (ok two things)

The exception being the final boss, he is actually awesome but ill leave it at that not to spoil anything 😉 (although if you want spoilers ive written a post on him)

  • Creepers (Minecraft)

This one is an obvious one for many reasons, but for me the main reason is, when you build up your wonderful creations only to see it getting blown up by god damn creepers all you can say is fucking creepers!

  • Silent hill (The town)

Anyone who has played this will know that this town is creepy as hell. And certainly not like any town you’ve ever seen or heard in any time of literature or films or wherever, its like an evil demonic entity in itself. It makes you feel like the whole town is against you and wants you dead, which it pulls off to great aplomb as you don’t get many games drenched in genuine atmosphere like silent hill. Specifically Silent Hill 2 as you get this persistent fog all around you so you can barely see whats in front of you half the time (from a technical standpoint this is done because of the limitations of the Playstation 2 hardware) but they use it to such great effect that it’s as much a part of the story as the main protagonist.

  • Anything And Everything (Dark Souls)

This one might seem like a cop-out but its rare in a game that everything in the game world around you has the potential to end you if you’re not paying attention. You have to give kudos to the developer for making a game where paranoia is a virtue! “Is that a monster around the corner?” “Is that a giant death pit?” and so on. Lose your concentration for a minute or lose your focus in combat and BAM lights out and you go all the way back to the checkpoint or save game bonfire. In a word its “maddening” i just don’t think im that masochistic enough to fully pursue completing the damn thing, although big props from me if you ever completed it!

Thanks for reading

Comments etc are as always appreciated maybe there’s some villains im overlooking?


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