Game Of Thrones Season 2 Ep 1 Thoughts

I’ve been watching “The Game Of Thrones” season 2 dvds lately as I didn’t catch them on tv (always preferred to be able to watch continuously via a dvd), and I got a strange feeling when watching the first episode, seeing all the old characters come back and all the story flooding back to me it was like seeing long-lost friends again.

Now i have read the book that relates to season 2 but i can barely remember any of it, so it was a perfect time to buy the dvds and watch them (almost like that elusive sweet spot of forgetfulness and knowledge of the series). And the first thing that came back to me, the first thing! Was my utter contempt and loathing for “King” Joffrey, that spoilt brat who everyone wishes would fall down a pit of spikes (serious note the actor can play a hate filled, snobby, tyrannical leader really well!). Then however comes heart-felt sympathy for Sansa because she’s effectively trapped there between an utterly evil boy and his manipulative incestuous mother, a situation I think none of us would like to be in!

(Joffrey…A supremely punchable face!)

When it cuts away to bran, Hodor and Osha its more of a pleasant atmosphere because they guys actually like each other rather than the psychotic thuggery of kings landing. And there’s one thing i remember from the previous season Osha is actually rather hot and I cant be the only one who thinks that ;). And then you have good old dependable Hodor and sullen depressed Bran who as always are the team with Hodor being Brans legs and Bran being Hodors brain if you will. I like this little group as they play really well off each other, cant wait to see how they play out there story arc from the book.

The final big thought from the episode (hopefully im not getting too ahead of myself as i watched the 2nd episode right after the first so i hope im not melding them together) was the introduction of the red witch, the servant of the lord of light if you will. She seemed suitably creep as i had imagined her in the book, although slightly less magical than i expected as she appears to possess some sort of unnatural power.

Finally the casting for Davos the onion knight was inspired in my opinion, played by Liam Cunningham who I think is a great actor, the first time I ever saw him was in a film called “Dog Soldiers” which I loved as a kid and he played as a devious military officer who ends up getting killed and turned by a werewolf (as you do), he was awesome in that and awesome in this 😀

(In Dog Soldiers)                                                     (In Game Of Thrones)

Overall I really enjoyed the start, although the episodes are never long enough if i had my way they’d be several hours long! But I digress this is shaping up to be a fantastic season already.

Thanks for reading


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