Scribblenauts Unlimited: A Review

Despite this being released months ago in the good ol US of A, scribblenauts has only been released for a few weeks here in the UK (and probably europe too!) so I thought id snatch it up as I have never played a proper scribblenauts game before other than the iPhone version (which was ookkkk not great). So I was cautiously optimistic about playing it on the pc as a better controlling game than using the iPhone touch screen which for games I absolutely hate unless there puzzle games like cut the rope or…other type of games like doodle jump (no idea what the genre was for that!)

Anyway moving on to the game…


You play as Maxwell who inherits a magic notebook which allows you to conjure up anything you want and straight away the he abuses the power one to many times and pissed off an old man who curses lily instead of Maxwell…. Who was the actual culprit but anyway you are tasked to save his sister from turning into stone.

Now you can customise your avatar (there are a range of them to choose from, Maxwell being the default choice). I’ve only basically modified him with items I got through the magical notepad ( I have a flair for it as you can see ;), you are also able to edit any object in the world just to give the game your own personal touch which is pretty cool such as this:


Here we have a sloth just on the fly re done to make something incredibly….interesting. Theres many more customisation options aswell which i havent explored yet which should be fun although im not really an artsy guy in the slightest im still determined to try the feature out.

The main crux of the game is finding starites (as the famous t-shirt says “It Is Always Stars”) and to collect these and star rite shards you have to help people out of their simple predicaments such as, in one of the levels someone wants to buy something in a shop but she has no money, so what do you have to do? Conjure up some money to give to her so she can buy something. The puzzles are quite well thought out and it gives you multiple ways to complete a puzzle rather than following point and click adventure game logic of one and only one way of doing things.

Thats about it, which sounds bad but the concept of the game is very simple which make it perfect as a good change of pace from running and gunning, intense RPG’s or whatever. Its tone is friendly and light, sometimes that’s just what you need. It doesn’t hurt that the game is incredibly fun in what it tries to do and it doesn’t try to be anything else which is great.

So at £21 on steam i think it is well worth the money, although if you want to wait for a possible sale you could probably get it for roughly a tenner, really though at its current price its more than fair and you should give some thought to buying it as it has that charm and pleasant colourful visuals that lacks in a lot of games and help make it an utter joy to play.

And now a special message from Maxwell 😀


and from me

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it


P.S. I forgot to mention that no you can’t conjure up things like alcohol or anything profane…. I’ve tried, it doesnt work.

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