Favourite Game Soundtracks

This one is more ofribute to Brutal Legend which i recently bought off a steam sale, and ive been playing it off an on since then and been getting reaquainted with the awesomeness that is its soundtrack.

I did have the game when it was released on the Xbox 360 many moons ago, its only now double fine has seen fit to release a pc port, so finally I might be able to actually complete the damn thing as I never got close with the 360 version as it never caught my attention as I was fully expecting it to be psychonauts like (double fines other absolute masterpiece) and when it wasnt,it tainted my view of brutal legend, at least until now following the very recent PC release. As the genre i think fits the pc control scheme more than a 360 controller does, which i much prefer over the keyboard and mouse but the RTS genre mixed with the adventure hack and slash style game works a lot better in my opinion on the pc than it did on console.

If there’s one thing that carries over to the console version is the absolutely kick ass soundtrack which to use the term is “So Fucking Metal!” Bringing together tracks from the legendary Motorhead, Black Sabbath and many more, this was the game that really introduced me to metal as I had never really been exposed to it as I was growing up. I was exposed to the generic pop crap which I never got into (thankfully!) but when I finally discovered heavy metal it was like id find a lost part of me, a part of me that was taken from me and I only got it back through discovering metal.

But anyway on to the actual soundtrack, it works on so many levels its unreal. You can tell the art design was worked on closely with the audio department because they compliment each other so well. Its like your playing within a heavy metal album art book and it looks awesome!

It makes you wonder why don’t games have heavier soundtracks than they normally would? Although immediately the answer could be the licence fees. But I’d love it if devs utilised them more to add more of an atmosphere to it rather than generic “rock” and “pop”.

The game plays out almost like an homage to metal “Real Music” 😀 with jack black at the helm as the main character it doesn’t get any better!

Admittedly without the soundtrack, the game would almost certainly suck a lot worse and not have any of the charm it has now. So you tube it, sit back and relax or throw the devil horns up and rock out to a great soundtrack.

Just to add finally one of my favourite tracks from the game from savatage “Hall of the mountain king”

Thanks for reading


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