Why Am I Playing This? Resident Evil 6

After i got finished with tomb raider i felt suddenly very empty, you see the singe player on that was so much fun and so engrossing that you just wanted the campaign to go on forever and the fun to never end, but sadly all good things come to an end so i was left wondering what could i play now? What could even come close to joy that tomb raider gave me.

So resident evil 6….. Kill me now. Now I liked the 5th one, seemingly one of the few who did as i ploughed about 100+ hours into it, then again I did that with final fantasy 13 and that was a load of shite so what do I know.

This game is almost as dumb as it gets, not so much with the story because hey this is resident evil a 10-year-old boy could think of a story more complex than this. What im getting at is the gameplay, the puzzles it’s all so dumbed down and elementary it’s absolutely no fun. But i do it anyway! Want to know why? Well ill tell you anyway, the guns! There actually a lot of fun to use and look great, so i guess you could say it’s almost a bit like gun porn where you get seduced by the shiny new toys spewing different kind of bullets and explosives, and your never wanting for ammo either unless you go gun crazy on everything with the accuracy of a blind man having a seizure.

This does get old after a while purely because how many times can you keep mowing down zombies before it gets samey and very boring which is why im hoping resi 6 has an unlockable infinite RPG which resi 5 had (which im proud to say I unlocked 🙂 that at least extends the re-playability somewhat because it makes it that little bit easier to breeze through the harder difficulty settings. Also gets old after an extra play through so you do find wanting about what the hell your meant to do with the game after you complete the majority of the single player campaign.

Now, there is always the multiplayer but right now i cant bring myself to even touch it because the servers will either be dead, or the actual multiplayer will be deathly boring because I don’t believe in this sort of game multiplayer doesn’t work. If it did don’t you think they would have brought multiplayer back for dead space 3? No they didn’t because it doesn’t work and gets old really reeaallllyyy fast, and that was a far better game in nearly all aspects.

(The Ustanak…..You’ll be seeing him rather alot in the game)

But despite my whingeing i still come back to it every so often for a few hours, despite the voice acting being kind of shit all though thats par for the course in resident evil games, despite the weird facial expressions that characters sometimes pull at weird times and despite the often dull uninspired levels it always pulls me back in.

I shouldnt forget to mention that there is also a co-op mode in the game in case you managed to trick a friend to playing the campaign with you and sharing in the misery, again another mode I have not been able to play, possibly because my friends were a lot smarter than me and saved their money for something better!

I think for me what this game represents is a kind of throwback to what games used to do, simple gun mechanics, save world from big huge mass evil rather than the intricate villainy and evil complex plots you get in the story’s of this generation and almost enjoyably bad acting (the kind you can laugh at rather than get annoyed and frustrated at). Its fun in its own way… As long as you can tune out its various faults and if you can possibly play it in co-op too itll probably improve it a whole lot! I took the plunge back with resi evil 6 because the price was slashed to £9 on xbox live (a few weeks ago) and for that price its a steal and also for that price you can easily forgive its faults!

If you find it for near enough that price give it some serious thought as its worth it for some nostalgia at the very least 🙂

Thank you for reading


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