Sleep… Or Lack There Of

This one is going to be a bit more personal this time around rather than what i usually talk about, and that is talking about how difficult it seems to be to maintain sleep, for me at least.

I mean sometimes ill wake up at roughly 3-5 am and ill go straight back to sleep within minutes but then more often than not itll take around half an hour to get tired enough to be able to sleep again. Either from seemingly my mind racing at a million miles an hour or diabetes related or a combination of both perhaps each “complimenting” each other, it does grind you down for the most part because you end up waking up in the morning or afternoon depending how badly you slept during the night and you feel like going straight back to sleep because you’re so exhausted to do much else. And of course feeling so exhausted you feel like you let people down because you don’t feel like you have the energy to do anything, you can but it takes a tremendous amount of effort and sometimes you just don’t feel like you can.

And this is where games comes in for me as when this does happen, well, i feel awful not just physically but also its hard to not beat myself up about it, and games have that power to help make you feel good, that made sound a little strange admittedly but id contend its no difference than say watching your favourite tv program or reading your favourite book (which I do also at times).

It’s having that thing you like to do, that makes you happy that make (for me) the various health issues tolerable. As if you suffer from similar sleep problems as i do you’ll know what i mean it gets you down at times, granted this all could be much worse such as having sleep apnea but of course when your tired, everything just seems out of proportion like your having the worst time in the world etc.

Happily I can report my anxiety is getting better and under control, so hopefully keeping that up will help the insomnia, i can only hope! 🙂

I’ll leave it on that more upbeat note,

Thank you for reading this little rant of mine, its been one of those bad days so here’s to a good day tomorrow!


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