Xbox 360 Achievements Part 4: Multiplayer

I really have no love for multiplayer achievements (the actual multiplayer modes etc i enjoy a lot, but stick achievements in their I really don’t agree with) unless there actually gettable and don’t require hours and hours of grinding, which you can get in a single game or match and that doesn’t require you to get a superhuman kill streak or kill an  opponent in such an outlandish way its more down to luck than anything else.

Anyway without further a do here are a few of my favourite/worst ones that i can think of!

  • Ghost Recon AW 1


I’ve mentioned these achievements before but i feel they deserve an extra mention as whoever came up with the idea of these collections of achievements needs to have their head examined for coming up with something so ungettable so mind crushingly annoying and tedious (because of the grinding you would have to do to get anywhere close to getting these) it just beggars belief, although if they designed them to be unobtainable then they did a great fucking job!

  • Warhammer 40k: Space MarineUntitled

This one hurts me a bit because i freaking love space marine as ive mentioned before it’s a great game with a fun multiplayer and single player with an utterly satisfying combat system you can’t go wrong with it. That being said these couple of achievements deserve a mention because they are now officially impossible for anyone else to get now because the DLC that you have to buy and download in order to be eligible for these achievements have been pulled from xbox live for whatever reason (most likely because THQ went bankrupt, the guys who owned the licence for the game). So they don’t come any harder than this… because there impossible to get now! 😦

  • Portal 2-Professor Portal


Now this one is an absolute aberration compared to the rest of the achievements on the games list, because this is absolutely one of my favourite games of all time and it also happens to have one of the most fun achievement lists to complete…. Apart from this one, because of course it’s incredibly hard trying to find a friend who hasn’t played co op or hasnt played the game before, its so incredibly badly thought out its astounding considering the developers behind it, i only ended up getting this because me and a friend of mine made dummy accounts to get them and you should never have to resort to tactics like that to unlock an achievement that’s bad design.

  • Call Of Duty 4… Oh wait this doesn’t have multiplayer achievements!


I’m only including this one because this is what i think games should predominantly follow, keeping achievements to single player and having unlocks and a ranking system, perks etc that is the achievements you get for multiplayer, i am a big fan of doing a games achievements this way as i still loved unlocking stuff on the multi here, but when i wanted to get achievements i was happy it depended solely on me and my abilities.

  • Halo 3


This is a special one for me as I’ve mentioned before about this, this achievement even though you get 0 gamerscore it has to be one of the best and definitely most fun achievements you’ll ever attempt, believe me get 4 players for this and be prepared to have the best fun ever 😀

  • Crysis 3


I love Crysis 3 and these achievements for me so far are probably going to be the hardest for me to achieve, while yes they look hard they don’t look impossible although incredibly frustrating at the same time lol. The going commando achievement will probably be the first of the two ill get…. Maybe! As getting kill streaks can be difficult in the game if you’re not in the zone, but i cant wait to try 🙂

Thank you for reading

Id love to hear more achievements stories in the comments if you have them 🙂


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