The New Tomb Raider A Review

Well ive completed the story line and had a bit of a play on the multiplayer but in the review i’ll mostly be talking about the single player as hey that’s what you want when you buy a tomb raider game eh?

Anyway without further ado this game is a beautiful game, for me almost on par with the crysis series in a few ways because when you look at the characters they move so realistically and you can see the effort put into the art and design, especially with the landscapes as you could easily spend more time than you should just staring at your surroundings and the view at times its breathtaking when you’re not underground fighting for you life in dank caves but hey, got to have a little variety ;).

I quite enjoyed the story in so much as the interaction and the build up between characters i thought was very good, although the slightly super natural tilt that is in the background the entire game feels a little off at time as you get the feeling this is a grittier style Lara a perhaps more grounded Lara and so the introduction of the super natural feels a little bit jarring. Not too much but just enough there that you will notice. The exploration elements are one of my favourite bits about the game as it has a certain amount, well actually quite a lot of free roaming to it which isn’t always so apparent as you feel like you have to continue on a linear path when in actuality you don’t. So remember you can take a breather from the quest to go hunting for relics, documents etc it wont penalize you for it and in actual fact it;ll reward you for your exploration instincts (the useful map system is invaluable here too).

Definitely a big thumbs up from me for taking Lara in a new direction, and you get the feeling she’s more of a blank slate than previous games. You see her grow throughout the game you feel more attached to her because you feel like you grow up with her all the way through her coming of age adventure. It gives you a more logical starting off point with the character than say in the previous games, in my opinion anyway.

Which makes what you have to watch her go through all the more difficult to watch because you care about her as a character you want her to be okay and watching her get fucked up through out a majority of the game ( oh she gets beaten up, shot, stabbed, fallen from great heights a bazillion times) but she powers through all the hardship she faces during what would be a tremendously traumatic experience! And shows just what a female lead character can do in a game without seeming like your typical cliché action girl who if you met in the street they struggle to kick your ass, after finishing this game i know Lara could take me but she doesn’t lose any of her femininity at the same time if you know what i mean? She truly is kick ass, and an absolute killing machine which of course you;ll see what i mean by that during the game!

The one glaring problem with the game for me was the use of QTE (quick time events) where if you’re not familiar with them, a button prompt jumps on to the screen and you have to press it before it goes away otherwise you fail and something usually bad happens, although if you press it in time you get to continue on your way. And with Tomb Raiders QTE’s if you miss up just the once…. You get brutally killed and you have to repeat the section, and i mean brutally, which makes up some of the quite hard stuff to watch. I’ll give you one example you get chucked down a shallow water rapid and you keep having to move left to right to avoid the obstacles in the way and if you don’t you get a sharp spear in the neck, when it happens to you it totally catches you off guard like “Holy Crap they just went there”.

It might sound like im against that darker more adult tone, but im not I think it’s a good change and it worked very well. Just…. Please make the QTE’s a bit more forgiving… PLLEEASSEEEE? 🙂

Aside from Lara being unable to catch a single break, she is accompanied in the story moments by her crew that outs documenting your search for “Yamatai”, namely Roth Lara’s father figure (her real dad dieing an unspecificed amount of time ago) Reyes….i have no idea what her role was because she was one of the most annoying stiff characters in the game and i developed a loathing for her so i generally tried to tune her out, then you have Jonah who reminds me of an islander (maori or something like that) who i liked as he was one of the few who acts with calm and seemed like a nice pleasant kind of guy, then you have whitman a kind of competing archeologist playing off lara and he’s a twat there’s no other description for him other than… He’s a twat, and lastly we have Grim who is an old Scottish sea dog who is actually very likeable even though you don’t really have a lot of contact with him which was a shame as he is one of my favourites in the game.

Bringing things to somewhat of a conclusion here it is quite clear they have taken inspiration from the likes of Uncharted, which for me is no bad thing at all Uncharted is awesome and does rank in my top 10 favourite games even though i predominantly play on the xbox 360. The voice acting isn’t quite as good on tomb raider than it is for Uncharted but its passable for the most part, and so I do recommend this game an awful lot it as an engrossing brilliantly fun thrill ride which you should all take a ride on 🙂

If i had to put a score on it, it would be 8.5-9 out of 10

Thank you for reading


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