Bit Early To Be Thinking About Assassins Creed 4?

As the title suggests ive been wondering isn’t it a little too early to be announcing a new one and giving us a fully fledged cgi trailer to wow the fans with? I just can’t help get the feeling that this is all going to lead to burn out for a lot of people and the franchise perhaps, although i could be over thinking this as the new pirate setting does look pretty cool.

However does that really fit into the assassins ethos? If there touting this as the pirate game we’ve all been crying out for, then why not make a standalone completely new ip for it? I understand wanting to cash in on something provably succesful by publishers and hey i love assassins creed… Although not creed 3 as much as that got incredibly tedious for me with an awful ending and utterly boring drone of a main character in Connor, but I digress.

I understand from the point of view of trying to make money but at the back of my mind there’s always that worry that they’ll keep pounding it for money until the well dries up and no one cares anymore and that would be a crying shame as i believe there’s still a lot of mileage in the series but of course there wont be if ubisoft grind the franchise into the dirt like say activision did with guitar hero (admittedly that had a limited span in of itself as how much can you do with a music rhythm game, seriously). Perhaps they were making this one parallel to ass creed 3 which I don’t know what to think about because it just smacks to me of rushing as many editions out there to maximise money rather than any real artistic vision.

I hold up the Grand Theft Auto Series as how it should be done, they rush to provide yearly GTA games like for example CoD even though they could and they would make a shit load of money doing it. They don’t do it as you get that feeling that with every new GTA game it has that something special, granted sometimes those little things don’t work as well like GTA 4’s overly greyish visuals but i can forgive that as how could you not lose yourself in the world that they created? (answer… you can’t!) as they allow themselves the time to try to create something truly outstanding.

So I hope I’m worrying about completely nothing here and that ubisoft proves me wrong, but until then i think I’ll be seeing any press releases or new info while equipped with a huge bucket of salt.

Thanks for reading


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