Co op Gaming

That was the best title i could come up with… Blame the bad cold i have. The whole point of this post though is to explore the best of co-op gaming and why its got so damn popular.

Resident evil 6 is what made me think of this because that’s a game where its meant to get a whole lot better if you manage to play it with other people or your friends on co-op which sadly i have no one to play it with :(, it was the same really with resident evil 5 which had the first co-op mode in the resident evil series. As the partner A.I. was absolutely terrible you would be within your own rights to play the campaign with a friend as that’s the only way you could keep calm and not get super aggravated at the A.I. partner.

Perhaps that’s what the developers have in mind when developing the A.I for the Co op partner, make it absolutely terrible so you’ll have no other choice but to get or possibly trick your friends into playing with you! As I’m a glutton for punishment I’ve often played with the A.I. and the way you managed that was to try to leave your “partner” behind and try to take on everything yourself, which does work but it kind of defeats the point of working together as a team with your partner.

Another co-op mode which i would have loved to have tried was dead space 3, again i had no one to play it with so i had to go through it on my own which was still fun but i always felt like i was missing out, not because the game was too hard (in actual fact it was too easy) but it would have made the experience all the better to share it with someone.

Happily though i can say that i have played gears on co-op with my best friends and that had to be one of the best times of my gaming life, especially thinking back to gears 3 because that had 4 player co-op so we had an absolute blast going through the entire campaign together, something I’ll never forget 🙂 also what added to it is that we went through it on the insane difficulty…. Which was different! But since there were four of us playing thankfully it made it that little bit easier.

An example however how co-op can fail utterly and miserably is from army of two the first one of the series where the co-op multiplayer is region locked, meaning you can only play it with people from the region you live in which automatically means i couldn’t play it with my best friends (who happen to be from Canada) which was the whole bloody point of buying the game, to play fun co-op with them. But no they region locked it an EA made absolutely no mention of this at release which makes them even bigger assholes than they already are, and the reasons they gave for locking the multiplayer made absolutely no sense, so overall fuck EA and their stupid decision making.

One of the good examples of good co-op for me has always been the halo franchise, they’ve always included good, fun co-op for up to 4 players (since halo 3) which i expect every xbox gamer as played to some extent. Halo 3 was the game for me that incorporated crazy co op achievements while not having any gamerscore attached to them, were otherwise incredibly fun to try to achieve, the best example i can give for that is the one where on the last level of halo 3 you play it on 4 player legendary co-op with the iron skull activated (which means that if one person dies then you all go back to the checkpoint) and then you finish the achievement off by all doing the warthog run in ghosts, which is so much fun i can’t even think of the words to really convey how much fun it was!

Honourable mentions go to borderlands 1 and 2 as that was a game i played nearly always on co-op mode with my friends and that just enhanced the experience as the game was clearly made to be fully enjoyed in co-op mode.

I think overall that’s what makes co-op so good in this day and age, that it brings you closer together to experience the great games of today, rather than doing it solely on your own you get to share it with a great friend of yours and for me that’s what makes the essence of co-op great as if you get to share the experience with someone else it makes it all the more worthwhile and certainly more memorable.


Thank you for reading

Comments on your favourite co-op experiences always welcome 🙂



P.s. Forgot to mention Portal 2’s co op which is one of the best around, the game is worth it just for that 🙂

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