Why Am I Playing This? Final Fantasy 13-2

God help me i got suckered in to getting this game because of final fantasy 13, i had ploughed so many hours into 13 that it got me invested enough to be interested in the story in the sequel when it was released.

yes it retains all the prettiness of the previous game but it also acquires a whole new level of weird namely the moogle companion which acts as serahs weapon as well as a companion, a companion you;ll want to grind into dust within the first 10 minutes but i digress.

This time though the game tries to right some of the wrongs from FF 13 namely linearity etc, which it does in a way but at the same time it goes from linearity to being incredibly confusing about what the hell you should do next, no where is this more apparent when you look for side quests and bonus’ etc because trial and error is the only way to really know what the hell your meant to do. What increases the confusion is the time travel mechanic which is one of the main new “features” in the game where you have to fix time paradoxes, fixing timelines relating to the story etc.

Which is kind of new i guess at least for a final fantasy game…. bearing in mind i never played the Super Nintendo final fantasy games so i may aswell be talking out of my arse but to my knowledge at least the time travel mechanic is fairly original to the series.

As for the ending of the game thats incredibly confusing too because theres no satisfactory end to the story arc and leaves it on a massive cliff hanger as serah aparently dies due to…..the will of the universe… I dont know, although the ending i saw might not have been the true ending because i hadn’t 100% the game and i never will because the amount of work you’d have to do to achieve that is mind boggling and utterly frustrating (see the previous comment on not really knowing what you should do or where you should go for hints or clues on side quests etc).

Thats the kicker once you get mostly done with the story mode its up to you to do serious treasure hunting for the extra stuff which for me was not fun at all. You could spend/waste hours of your time running around the different maps and not find anything new its maddening.

Again though i played this game to completeion like 13…..As im an utter idiot and an obvious glutton for punishment ugh.

Give me “Catherine” over this any day


Thanks for reading this little ramble 🙂



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