Metal Gear Rising: The Final Boss

I take back anything negative i said about this game previously as the final boss, wipes away every concern i ever had about it. Purely because of how batshit insane it is, i neglected to mention how bonkers bayonetta was and happily it seems platinum games have continued the trend of utter crazyness with metal gear rising.

So the final boss has you fighting a huge ant like metal gear being controlled by a United States Senator….yup you read that right and you just can’t help liking him because he’s so ludicrous you cant help see the awesome. This first part of the fight is pretty easy, just avoid the claws swiping at you and then slash them to ribbons until you get blade mode sections to cut up the armour and then eventually blowing it up.

Which brings the start of the crazy yet awesomeness, the senator appears from the smoking wreckage of the metal gear then seemingly absorbs the remaining power from the machine and in effect “Hulks Up” and goes off in the traditional metal gear rambling way about changing america and changing it for the people and the power of memes….MEMES! All the while beating raiden to a pulp, a particular highlight is where he spins raiden up in the air and drop kicks him akin to a field goal in american football with cheering added at the end of the kick like he did it in an actual game…. As i said absolutely mental.

Can We Talk About How Insane The Last Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Boss Is?

And in the final section of the fight he ends up having double the health of the usual bosses in the game. He’s not too bad as long as you know when to dodge with the direction and x+a evade move which is an absolute godsend and of course ninja running away from his fire attacks.

So yes this game is mental and is totally worth it just for the end boss fight and speeches, so i’ll change what i said from my previous thoughts about the game too give this game a try as its batshit insane but it’s all the more loveable for it.


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