Metal Gear Rising Revengeance A Few Thoughts

Well as I’m nearly finished with the story I think I have a good grasp of the techniques, the nuances involved with the combat to give you an opinion of the game.

Starting off this is quite a nice looking game, as you know I’m a sucker for visuals if you remember my previous crysis 3 posts. It all carries that metal gear identity, that style that you can automatically pick up is metal gear if you know what I mean it’s all there.

Yes also the long talky bits that are synonymous with the games aswell but thankfully there considerably shortened in length that previous ones, perhaps owing to the fact that it was developed by platinum games and published by konami (I may be wrong on who published it or if they joint developed it) and since it was developed by platinum games who created bayonetta I expected the combat to be quick but also with lighting responsiveness and no delays with each attack command……

This sadly isn’t the case, I just couldn’t help noticing a slight delay between each strike like it stacks them up and no where is this more apparent than the god damn defensive system where there is no block button. Yup no block button whatsoever, so the only way you can defend yourself is by parrying enemy attacks and this is incredibly infuriating trick to master as if you fuck up in parrying the first strike of an enemy you’ll often get stun locked by a further 3 or 4 attacks which you have no hope of defending, even if you have a glimpse of an opening you get shut right down because it takes that little bit too long to bring your fucking sword up ughhh, as you can tell this is my number 1 pet peeve with the game. Now perhaps given time and mastery of this fucking technique everything may change but… we’ll see!

Learning this parry trick is a way of avoiding severe bouts of rage when it comes to boss fights as you will get hit a lot, you will use your health packs and you will get stun locked and fucked up multiple times, you have to be so utterly precise with your timing it’s incredibly maddening.

However away from the bosses the combat gets progressively fun as you get to grips with it, although at times very unforgiving (see the boss fights) and i fully expect this game to make it onto my games to make me rage list! Perhaps that speaks for my failing to absolutely master the nano second timing of parrying, but i digress it has the obligatory upgrade systems which hack and slash games have, increasing your potential for ending a cyborgs life in a multitude of fresh new flavours. Along with this comes the much touted blade system where time slows down and you can pick where you slash someone and cut whatever you want into a billion pieces, and I have to admit it never gets old, it nice new take on dispatching hapless goons with a sword. In a way it reminds me of the VATS system from fallout where you can pause time and aim at body parts to spectacularly blow them from their body the novelty absolutely does not wear off!

The blade mode though brings me to a funny little quirk of the game because at the end of each boss fight you get the opportunity to end him/her using the blade mode and consequently cut the guy whose giving you shit the entire fit into hundreds of pieces, however when you do that the boss always, ALWAYS has a mini speech for you when they die, usually some pseudo philosophical bullshit but what makes this funny is that after you cut the boss into pieces they still talk to you even though there face has been chopped up into meat and the largest part of the body that exists is no large than a little finger, but hey i can forgive the game for that because it is hilarious in action.

The story is your vaguely standard metal gear solid fare with mentions of PMC, why do you fight bullshit etc, really its a loose justification for fighting which im fine with, it reminds me of the ninja gaiden route of here’s your sword go nuts.

The soundtrack however is……terrible its your generic ameri-rock songs that do the opposite of pumping you up for being a ninja bad ass, the developers need to look at DmC devil may cry’s soundtrack now Ninja Theory there absolutely nailed it, that soundtrack was fantastic so maybe platinum can rectify that for the next game as i assume there’ll be a sequel as there always is with a popular franchise.

Anyhoo wrapping up, do i think you should get this game? Well if you’re a fan of the genre then chances are you’ll have an enjoyable time with it as you already know what to expect, for the average observer well….. Rent it if you absolutely have to as this game will make you rage even with the shitty blocking system, and as for metal gear solid fans well i expect you guys and gals already have it so no need for comment there 😀

Last thought

I Will Beat This Game, This Will Not Beat Me!

Thank you for reading


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4 Responses to Metal Gear Rising Revengeance A Few Thoughts

  1. DTI April says:

    Nice post. I was never interested in Metal Gear but it has definitely caught my attention now. I’m a walkthrough supervisor on TA and recently a guy wrote a fantastic walkthrough for this game. Not just for getting through the levels and achievements, but also some very detailed and interesting information about combat technique. Worth a look if you have some time to pass and want to beat the game once and for all 🙂

  2. djrutland says:

    Oh of course… But this final boss is a bit special 😀 I wrote about it in another post but yeah there are spoilers lol

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