Angry Closure on Z.O.E HD Collection

It’s been a while since i took the decision to stop playing zone of the enders 1 and 2 because, well they pissed me off so much i could no longer justify owning a game which i didn’t have fun with and that annoyed me on every level of its design.

So remembering that i’m meant to be a mature 26 year old i…..Rage sold the bastard piece of shit. I ended up using it to go towards dead space 3, a much better game! Although being fair alot of games are better than Z.O.E by a huge fucking length.

I was all set to give Z.O.E 2 in the collection a change as hey it could not be as bad as the first one right? Well, yes and no because while the graphics are vastly improved and the combat is certainly a bit faster and marginally more enjoyable there was always something niggling at the back of my head that something was wrong that i couldn’t quite put my finger on, i mean i really tried to like the game, i really did. Not in the least because I’d paid money for it and i was damned if i wasn’t going to get as much out of it as possible.

It might have been the god awful voice acting and terrible lip synching, granted the story was told via anime cut scenes so hoping for half decent lip synching might have been unrealistic on my part. Another thing, and this may be because i just can’t seem to get on with anime cartoons like this is that it totally took you out of the story, the animation all just seemed so surreal and utterly ridiculous that it ruined all sense of immersion for me. In my defence if they’d made the art style like “Tales Of Vesperia” (i fucking love that game) i would have lapped that up and shouted about it from the roof tops but alas it doesn’t.

It could have been the mundane combat which i just could not get to grips with properly, short of hammering buttons and occasionally blocking there just wasn’t much variety to be had. To cut it short it was a massive chore to play both of them… And why did i force myself to do that? Because I’m a massive idiot who is clearly a glutton for punishment, somehow though i feel i got the last laugh by rage selling it so in your face Z.O.E HD collection! Your Shit!

anyway that’s the issues finally closed for me as the frustration and annoyance have been simmering away and i needed an outlet!

and if you ever see this in any game shops etc do not buy it, turn the other way and run as fast as you can!

Thanks for reading


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