The Many Stereotypes of Call Of Duty Players!

(disclaimer this is only meant as some fun…kinda)

I was at my local Game store purchasing dead space 3 (which im having fun with) when 2 guys walked in and asked if they had dishonored in stock, well it turns out they did but they never ended up buying it and walked out of the shop saying Call Of Duty all the way! Which got me thinking about the various different types of players that populate the CoD wasteland and considering those two fuckwits i heard it isn’t going to be a positive outcome.

The gamer

Now the gamer is the normal variant because he/she plays the game and sees it for what it is, something mindless and shooty and a bit of fun to play given the circumstances. This one tends to not get too riled up during multiplayer or during a period of suckage (dieing alot) or at least not too riled up past the acceptable amount of anger given frustrations of certain levels and or bullshit difficulty settings…

The Chimp

This one provides alot of the entertainment during multiplayer sessions because half the time you have no idea what there saying because their brains haven’t quite developed enough to grasp the concept of speech yet. Unfortunately this also comes with a downside as the chimp doesn’t think twice about racist language and therefore must be relentlessly mocked until they shut up.

The Little Shits

Far too young to even play the game, the mute button is golden in this situation!

The So Called MLG Pro’s

The fake pro’s are the ones who take the game ffaarrr too seriously where every minute statistic gets analysed and if their kd ration is anything under 1 or 1.5 or whatever they spiral down into the bowels of depression or far more likely blame the connection or the other team hacking etc rather than the fake pro’s own ineptitude. Its everyones elses fault but their own. Advise to either mock them to get them even more wound up or just ignore them and not add fuel to the fire of their own poisonous egos.

Hackers and Modders

They can just fuck off.

Wow i got a whole lot angrier than i was intending, now if you’re not one of these count yourself lucky 🙂 although i’d hope alot of you would come down onto the game category because that’s how games should be played, with the sole purpose of having FUN not to scream and shout and be abusive towards people because someone got the drop on you and out played you to kill you. This is something that always gets on my tits because it takes the fun out of the game and spoils it for everyone when you get that one guy (it only takes one) to scream and shout or if it’s an arrogant asshole etc and poof the good game you were previously having is gone up in smoke.

It is something im passionate about and hope it can change in the future…Or just perhaps never buy another CoD game that might do it! 🙂

Thank you for reading


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2 Responses to The Many Stereotypes of Call Of Duty Players!

  1. CapnCreep says:

    You’re welcome, Dave. But I think you forgot someone… the real pro. I mean, you see more pro’s playing games like Battlefield, but a real pro is someone who is tries to win, but supports his/ her team and can actually blame him/ herself if something went wrong.

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