What Is It About Diablo 3 That Keeps Me Coming Back To Play It?

It’s something i’ve asked myself on a few occasions, although the latest reason is rather simple, because me and my cousin are working through it on Hell difficulty then hopefully inferno (he having previously completed it on all difficulties previously). He is going through it with me with a similarly leveled character and naturally we take it in turns to get obliterated by the bastard hard bosses and or champions mobs, i must admit its also an intriguing game where one time i played diablo 3 absolutely blind drunk and managed to complete a decent majority of the game…. As for the next day? i couldn’t remember a thing about it, wondering where all this loot had come from and the extra gold i didn’t realise i had etc, I’m not sure i would have been able to do that with many other games!

I’m currently a lvl 58 wizard which is my main character and is an utter badass, but i can’t help feeling that i get an easy ride of it because using an example when i play with my cousin he wades into the enemies in melee and i stand back at a safe distance with my attacks while i kind of feel bad it also makes me laugh :D.

I also have a lvl 2 barbarian called “Clubby McFist” im stupidly proud of that name. I haven’t really had a chance to use him much yet but i thought it would be fun hunting for new loot since i’ve only been a wizard since the release of the game!

There we come to what i think keeps me coming back to the game, quite simply loot trying to find that bit of armour or weapon thats better than your currently equipped one getting incrementally more powerful each time you level up and equip new pieces of armour and or weaponry. I think it appeals to that part of your brain that wants shiny new toys etc always looking for more and more, never satisfied with your current set up (techincally you have more reason to keep looking for more stuff in games so you can survive the later levels but i still think the point is valid)

As essentially i’ve completed the game going on 3 times and intend to do it more but i have heard the game suffers from lack of end game content which hopefully blizzard will rectify with later patches (although of course i’m not at that point yet).

I was intending this to be a lot longer than it was but it actually turned out i couldn’t think of anything else that might keep me coming back to the game, its really an odd feeling because If you stripped the loot mechanic out the game would suffer immensely for it and would be a poor dungeon crawler game and also utterly bare bones in content, so never resist the lure of shiny and shinier things 🙂

Thanks for reading

(Amnesia dark descent soon *gulp*)


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2 Responses to What Is It About Diablo 3 That Keeps Me Coming Back To Play It?

  1. chris9911 says:

    do you need to be connected to the internet to play diablo3?

  2. djrutland says:

    yes i believe so as you need to connect to a battlenet account each time you want to play

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