Angry at ZoE 1 Zone Of The Enders HD Collection

Well i have finally got round to beating ZoE 1 and, well, the most glaring thing i’ll have taken away from the game is that the main character “Leo” is the most whiny gigantic little bitch ever created, seriously every line of dialogue seems to have him either whining and or crying or both! I expect it was all part and parcel of konami trying to convey there overly elaborate bullshit message which i’m still a bit confused about what that was.

I don’t really have any qualms about the combat, that worked fairly well once i had got into it, although it came down to spamming dashing melee attacks as they were the most powerful and again ranged weapons sucked balls almost entirely.

Back with the story though it ends on a vague hint of a cliff hanger by way of an anti-climactic boss battle where all you do is run away and thats it, great idea there!

I don’t think i’ve ever been quite so pissed off about a game but at the same time that same game had a redeeming quality about it (the combat). Overall the game is not good though as the story elements,the whiny pre pubescent little shit voice actors etc make it impossible to really get to grips and enjoy it because even when you think your having fun a cutscene pops up and ruins it in one fell swoop

So in conclusion fuck this game

heres hoping ZoE 2 is much better, although to add i’ll be starting on Amnesia Dark Descent very soon, already i’m getting chills just thinking about it!


Thanks for reading



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