My Favourite Achievements Part 2

This one will be a be looking at some of my absolute favourite games that i managed to 100% over the years and to tell you lovely readers about my memories and experiences with them, if you have any to share please do in the comment section!


Portal 2’s achievements! This has to be up there in my top 5 most fun games to 100%, the achievements were’nt out of reach and were challenging enough where you had to put some effort in but also you had a blast doing it. When i did it, i got most of them with a friend of mine in co op mode over a weekend, we played it pretty much non stop over those two days and it was so much fun. Possibly one of the nicest achievements on there is, well you can see it in the screenshot its friends list with benefits where you have to, while playing co op hug 3 different people on your friends list which was really clever it promotes coming together not blowing them apart! At least it did to me 😀 Oh and special mention to the professor portal achievement where you after you complete the tutorial co op course you then have to play it with a friend who hasnt played it before, and if you’ve played this before you know that absolutely bloody everyone! played it so it was nigh on impossible to get….I lucked out thankfully but still, the achievement can go take a swim in an acid pool.


Halo 3: ODST! Again what contributed to this being so much fun to do was that it had alot of co op achievements and a group of my friends came together and we played it together all the time, just adding to the already great memories from xbox live that i have. I remember that achievement where you had to pass the 4th set of covenant on firefright on heroic difficulty with 4 players, which is harder than it sounds! We tried for so long over many days to get this and one day when two of us (including me) were a smidge drunk, we went for the achievement and we utterly destroyed it so theres something to be said for tipsy/drunk gaming…  (in moderation!)


Another halo one and again this had some absolutely brilliant co op achievements, and also you could get all of them while playing co op which i did and it was all the better for it. The group of my mates i mentioned in the previous achievements were involved again although this time slightly differently. Two of them played co op together and me and one other played together also and we raced to see who could 100% it first… Then that went tits up because me and jon were the only ones who were “racing” as the others either couldn’t find the time to play or were struggling somewhat. We made sure we came out on top though just to be safe 😉 one of the toughest ones to do was completing the library level on legendary within a severe time limit, severe because it was so easy to die on that difficulty setting it was ridiculous but of course made you feel like a badass when you achieved it.


And last but not last L.A.NOIRE, i love this game, the story on it was engrossing, the detective work was fun to do and the interrogations were fascinating because of the amazing technology behind it where the actors look astoundingly real. During the interrogations your meant to read they’re body language to see whether there lieing out of the arse or telling the truth, and never in a game could you do that before because you just wouldn’t be able to tell as clearly with this technology behind it. It was an utter joy to play and explore in such an immersive believable game world.


Thats your lot for now next time i’ll dig up the more ridiculous achievements.

Thank you for reading as ever



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