Iphone Games And My Sleep Problems

The title sounds a bit doom and gloom but it’s really not that because since i have problems maintaining sleep and a good deal of anxiety, having something there to keep my company so to speak and to take my mind off my brain going a squintillion miles an hour is an absolute godsend.

To try and sum that up it makes you feel not quite so alone when you have an anxiety attack during the night or if you keep waking up during the night like i do. The youtube app deserves a special mention aswell because you can watch videos for 20-30 minutes or until you start to feel yourself getting sleepy and more relaxed, again it’s been so helpful to me.


(The youtube sub screen on the iphone app)

My absolute favourite over all the games i’ve played on iphone is “Cut The Rope” in a nutshell its a puzzle game where you have to guide this bit of candy to this hungry dinosaur…Thing, through a host of different traps, ropes (funnily enough) which the candy is attached too alot of the time. It’s incredibly simple (don’t confuse simple with hard) but really addictive, the puzzles are fun to complete which of course is the most important thing in a game to have fun! And happily there are hundreds of levels and more and more get added on via the updates so you’ll never run out.

I will touch on angry birds a little bit because how could i not? its sold a bajillion copies and seemingly every man/woman and there dog has played it. I never truly got taken into it, sure its fun for a time to fling birds at structures etc but it gets old really fast, again there are an absolute ton of levels too but i only got through about 20? Whoever has completed them all at full 3 stars is classified as insane. Another bird based game i actually got on alot better with and thouroughly (however you spell that, and no i will not use the spell checker lol) enjoyed was “Tiny Wings” a nice little game where you have to guide your bird as far as possible in the shortish time limit that you are given, to control it you press the screen and leave the finger there to make your bird dive bomb as there are lots of little slopes where you can sling shot your bird to gain extra speed and height, which is actually quite tricky when you are already travelling at speed.


(A simple screen shot of tiny wings)

Tiny wings is great though its well worth the money when its already at a cheap prince so theirs no reason not to get it *nudge* *nudge*. Another game i played a bit although a little bit less than the others was “Zombie Gunship” the premise again is very simple you control the gunners position of an AC-130 gunship and you have to mow down as many zombies as you can with the various weapons at your disposal before they overrun the last human safe zone, theirs not really a whole lot to say about it except it is always fun to kill zombies, and its even more fun when you got howitzers, large caliber guns to do it with. There’s no real variation to it but it kind of doesnt need it because it’s timeless blasting zombies away (i believe the updates add more features but i just haven’t got round to downloading them yet).


(Zombie Gunship)

Those 3 games alone i’ve played quite alot when having sleep issues, cut the rope especially is a good one to relax too, as i’ve mentioned i do have anxiety problems so it is a good way to help slow the heart rate and adrenaline down. So too Tiny Wings as i forgot to mention the nice visuals and pleasant to listen to soundtrack, did i mention you should buy it? *nudge* *nudge* 😉

Last but not least is the youtube app, now they used to have an integrated app that came with every iphone but with IoS 5 i believe they removed it, so i expect everyone just went to the marketplace to download the app isntead. I watch alot of youtube videos as when you feel ill or not sleeping well its a great tool to help keep your spirits up and mind off any pain you might be experiencing or panic etc.

Some of my favourite youtubers are: Uberhaxornova (My favourite), Minnesotaburns, Haatfilms and the yogscast to name but a few, if you haven’t already you should check them out. There videos have helped me out so many times at low points in my life so if they ever read this which 99% sure they won’t, all i can say is thank you 🙂


Thank you for reading



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