My Favourite Achievements On The Xbox 360 Pt 1


So im going through my achievement list on my gamertag and i started to wonder, what were the most memorable achievements that i’ve…”achieved” which ones stuck out the most for me and which ones was i most proud of? I thought it would be a nice bit of nostalgia to share with you as according to my xbox live gamertag ive been at it for 6-7 years on this iteration of xbox live so theres lots to talk about so lets get started:

The very first one that i put huge amounts of effort into get was this oneUntitled

Ta Da! The mile high club achievement was an utter bastard to get oweing it to being on veteran difficulty where you die if a fly so much as sneezes in your direction and the crushingly brutal 60 second time limit, oh man but when you complete it, it feels awesome and gives you a feeling of great accomplishment (as no one else on my friends list achieved this either not to sound too gloating or anything)

Up next is:

Well….I wont bother with a screen shot this time because this paragraph is dedicated to one of the easiest games to 100% achievements on, and that is fight night round 3 all you need to do is start and finish the campaign mode and poof you’ll have wracked up 1000 Gamerscore huzzah!

More noteworthy this time :


Im including this achievement because this was quite possibly one of the most fun achievements i’ve ever got. Playing it with your mates and getting to the warthog run on the final stretch of the final level and driving in ghosts instead is absolutely hilarious. Definitely one of my fondest memories of xbox live. My friends i played with for that, and they know who they are you guys are awesome!

Next is:


I put this in here because i’m still immensely proud of it because i generally suck too much at multiplayer gaming to be able to get achievements like this, and never have i got anything like a 10 Kd ratio in anything before so…yeah im pathetically happy about this one πŸ˜€

This next one was tricky to get as you had to be so so careful not to use any weapons what so ever because if you slip up you’d have to start the game all over again, so which game am i talking about?…The orange box!


This was one of those instances where the developer, namely valve actually put some effort into creating achievements that were different and all together challenging but fun to try and unlock, granted it was a bit of a bastard to get but it was a clever idea for an achievement.

That’ll be it for part 1 as i dont really want to make this post super huge, and also trying to avoid sounding like im gloating about it which i’m really not. This for me is just looking back and remembering the fun time you can have gunning for achievements as i think theyare a wonderful way of helping to extend a games lifespan.


Thank you for reading πŸ™‚





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