Why Am I Playing This? “Catherine” (a quick first impression)

(A Picture that needs no caption…apart from this one)


So after some reccomendations from friends of mine about the “game” catherine, i ended up downloading it on xbox live marketplace with a certain amount of trepidation and some noticeable anxiety too (although that could be mainly due to the fact i have some anxiety problems anyway!) but anyway i was effectively diving off at the deep end with this as i knew nothing about the game other than the fact it is….well, odd. As i am a sucker though i took my friends reccomendation in good faith and blew 30 pounds on it (yes i could have got it 2nd hand at the local “GAME” store but that would have involved walking and expending a certain amount of energy and i was just too damn lazy).

You might be thinking that i went into the game with an already negative assumption that this game would be bad, and you would be right but never let it be said that i dont give things a chance so i loaded the game up and the first thing the game reminded me of was a little of “Tales Of Vesperia” a MUCH better game. The only reason i thought back to tales of vesperia was because the games share a quite similar art style although catherine does seem to lean on the anime cutscenes alot more than TOV. I actually liked the art style so already the game was starting to look up, it kind of presents itself as a film with the supposed film makers logos on the top left, which was interesting in a way but really all it does is make you think can i play the game yet?

Anyway the first big warning light came when a waitress….thing introduces the game/movie to you oh and she has a huge red afro which for me completely switched me off at that point, i suppose it was a good way to give you some idea on what the universe your about to jump into is like, but really it was just stupid.

The story or what i gleaned from it was that you play this utter idiot called vincent who i think is voiced by the guy who did chris redfield in resident evil 5 and 6 although im not totally sure about that but it definitely sounds like him a hell of a lot, but anyway vincent is engaged to i’d say a rather attractive lady called Catherine (see what they did there?) and she is going on and on about marriage the future etc whereas vincent is torn and is not sure whether to commit or not. As you progress the story he ends up cheating on her by a girl name Katherine  (ah see what they did there?!) who is carefree and a free flower etc etc the total opposite Catherine and you spend the time possibly boomeranging between them which is essentially the games moral choice system, do you go for the free spirited dangerous girl or the dependable loving girl who is with you despite the glaringly obvious fact that he is a tremendous fuck wit.

So after watching some painfully boring cutscenes you actually get a go with the game part of the damn game and i actually kind of liked it, its basically just a load of block pushing puzzles and that holds your attention for a while, you have to scale a block tower against the clock as floor by floor the blocks dissapear although so far they haven’t really been that much of a factor for me.

Now what really was a factor for me is that in one of the i presume boss battles? or whatever you call it was scaling this block tower while being chased by…..some demonic woman wielding a fork…and she also happens to be ginormous. I haven’t got far enough in the game and believe me im going to out of sure morbid curiousity to know what the fucks going on in this story. Thats the final thing im going to talk about that is that the game is incredibly strange and very weird, oh i nearly forgot to mention that during the gameplay you are not alone, you are also fighting other “sheep” yep you read that correctly, “sheep” to climb to the top to safety and these sheep are actually other men and to them your meant to look like a sheep too.

Oh and a final side note the title screen is all in pink and has vincent trussed up with barbed wire..yeah ill leave you with that image!


Thanks for reading!




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