Challenges In Gaming: The Good And The Bad

I got inspired to do this while re playing ninja gaiden 2 which im a big fan of, well the series more than anything else. My very first ninja gaiden game was the xbox version and suffice it to say i had a lot of fun with it, it was one of the first games that really introduced me to the notion of difficult to complete games, i mean sure easy to get into but to really excell and to have an easier time with it you would have to put in the time and patience to really master the systems available to you whether they be games like ninja gaiden or perhaps RTS games or whatever.

They always had the power to royally piss you off and on very minor occasions (for me anyway) rage quit but that always made it the sweeter when you beat the game as it seems to give you a mild justification for all that anger you put into a video game 😉 but seriously i love a challenge and so i thought i’d have a countdown of games that ive loved and hated with equal measure due to there ball crushing difficulty, enjoy!

  • Demons Souls and Dark souls: Demons souls for the PS3, now this i played a little on my friends PS3 and after 10 minutes i was done, theres challenge and then theres bullshit controls and stiff character movements to add a little more embuggerance to the already harsh way the game treats you. It was one of those rare games though that pisses you off so much you stop after 10 minutes so bravo demons souls!….Darks souls however i really enjoyed as it still had that challenge but it also presented the player with a bit more of a level playing field as y’know games are meant to be fun rather than a test of patience. The big downfall in my opinion is that dark souls is very draining to play as it does require alot of commitment to it to get anything out of it and plus trying not to make mistakes as granted if you die 9/10 its because you fucked up and not the games faults, the problem is that you are going to make mistakes during your first run through the game as your unfamiliar with the levels the combat etc so it seems they intentionally set you up to die.

sorry i kind of went off on one (i’m monstrously hung over so that’s probably not helping)

  • As i mentioned before another one (ill group them all together or at least the ones ive played) was ninja gaiden it’s known as being notoriously difficult and of course there are more than a few sections which are always very hard and show no mercy towards the player, but i didn’t mind that too much as you progressed in the game and got more and more skilled those previously hard sections all of a sudden become a piece of cake, and thats what i like that progression of skill by the player even if any kind of section in the game is beating you down you will always come back and annihilate it rather than be constantly handicapped by bad controls and poor combat (grrrr demons souls)
  • Any halo game on legendary was always tough but it was a fun tough…until you come across loads of covenant in a tiny room with very little ammo than that “fun” gets thrown out the window to be replaced with teeth grinding, cursing and a little bit of crying…
  • Special mention for the call of duty 4 epilogue mission which is insanely tough as for a specific achievement you have to complete it in 60 seconds on veteran difficulty and as anyone will tell you that difficulty is bull shit as you pop your head up for a nano second every enemy draws a bead on you and just drills you instantly with rapid fire and an utter hellstorm of grenades, see call of duty world at war specifically for that delightful bit of bullshit!
  • finally for today this ones a little different because its crysis 2 on its hardest difficulty, which is actually incredibly easy! You can ghost past alot of major gun battles using the cloaking ability simple as that, the enemies massing to take you on and you can sneak right past them and move on to the next bit of the game and i thank crytek for leaving that in 😀

Thanks for reading!

if you have any more examples like the ones ive listed feel free to list them in the comments!


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