DmC: Devil May Cry


This is a reboot of the first devil may cry made which came out all the way on the PS2 as the characters from that game are all present here dante, vergil and especially the main villain the demon king mundus.

The game was incredibly controversial for the fans who could not look past the redesigned settings and especially the redesigned dante, and saying this as someone who has played and completed every devil may cry game the changes were very much warranted and i think were executed very well. The story especially is alot more compelling than the other three games although lets be honest the story was always the weakest part of the devil may cry series. Ninja theory the developer behind the game has always been known for producing games with absorbing stories and good characters and as mentioned they continue the trend in DmC although thankfully capcom took the lead for the combat system and they outdid themselves.

The combat system incorporates the standard rebellion sword that you see in previous devil may cry games and (new to this game) demonic and angelic weapons which you access by holding either the left or right trigger. The demonic weapon excells in damage trading off attack speed and the angelic weapons trade off damage for very fast attack speed. The great thing about this new system is that it allows you to string together incredibly deep and involving combos racking up insane amount of style points, for me i started to veer towards the demonic axe called “The Arbiter” you just couldn’t argue against its immense power especially after you unlock upgrades for it.

Another big thumbs up for me was the soundtrack which was made and contributed by Noisia and combichrist, i absolutely loved it, it just fit so well to the tone and visuals of the game. It also pumps you up ready to kick some ass and keeps your adrenaline going all the way through combat and or levels.

Going deeper into the story i liked what they did too the dante and vergil story where they actually start off as good brothers who get on well who slowly start to realise there differences and end up creating a rivalry that you have to act on in the final level in the game (keeping it relatively spoiler free!) as for the voice acting i had no qualms with it, i thought the vergil voice actor was a little plummy but it was alright.

The visuals were outstanding, especially when you get dragged into the demonic realm of limbo as its a living breathing world that actively tries to hinder your progress and eliminate you, for instance when you try to run down a corridor the realm will lengthen the corridor or break the floor completely meaning you have to take a different route or cross the gap with a different method. In contrast the human world is a grey drab lifeless place where everyone has been put under mundus’ control by subtle means such as a propaganda machine akin to fox news and a mind controlling soft drink. Which gives the in game world a kind of real world feel to it.

A con to the game is the camera system as when the fighting gets hectic which it is prone to do, the camera spazzes out and often you cant see any enemies on screen meaning you are totally unprepared for any incoming attack off screen, but as you play it you can over look it if your careful.

Overall this game is a reboot done well, the combat is still as slick and rewarding as previous devil may cry games (barring devil may cry 2 which sucked balls) the visuals are a huge improvement although perhaps thats unfair as the previous games were all made on the PS2 which to be frank all look like arse when compared to current gen visuals. The character redesign i think was warranted and handled fairly well, of course there’ll always be its detractors but for me the dante in DmC wasnt a whole lot different from the white haired dante as they all had there similar mannerisms and attitudes that you already felt familiar with them if you had played previous devil may cry games.

Plus the soundtrack this game is well worth a look for the hardcore fans of devil may  cry and nigh on a definite purchase for everyone else, it ticks all the right boxes for the genre and it would be criminal if it was overlooked.


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