That moment when you get a hypo…

This is going to be a little different to what i usually do but i wanted to briefly talk about diabetes or more specifically getting episodes of hypoglaicemia which is basically low blood sugar.

Im currently recovering from a bad one right now so i thought i’d try to convey what it feels like and also it’ll help me feel better talking about it.

Now in the UK blood sugar is measured in mmols, im not sure what the measurements are in other places such as america all i know is that there different, so being type 1 diabetic i try to keep my blood range between 4-7 mmols. If the blood sugar dips below 4 you are classed as having a hypo now sometimes you wont feel anything which can at times be just as dangerous because you’ll have no idea that your not well and you wont get the energy you need to put it right until perhaps its too late.

The hypo i have just experienced got as low as 3.1 and i was feeling every bit of it, drenched in sweat, overheating, shakes, dizzy, disoriented and not feeling all there and let me tell you those ones are one the most terrifying experiences of my life so far and i very much doubt that’ll change too much over the course of my life. Its the feeling of desperation for me because you take your dextrose tablets or lucozade or whatever, you wait 5 minutes test your blood again and it’s got even lower which is a very scary thing indeed as you know in your head that if it continues to get lower there’s an ever increasing chance of passing out and then a hospital visit when someone finds you in that state.

Then once you manage to start bringing your blood sugar levels up you still get those lingering shakes for up to 10 minutes or so and then there is also the chance of having your levels boomerang on you and you go hyperglaicemic which is when your blood sugar levels go into the double figures in the case you have to give yourself an injection of insulin (which i do all the time since im type 1 insulin dependent)

It is a constant thing having to be on guard and all times about it and very rarely do you feel like its ok to relax about it, of course that may change the longer i have the disease (had it coming on two years) but it is hard to shake the feeling like you can never get a day off from it and thats the harsh reality that is one of the hardest things to get used to about it.

So it makes me extra thankful to have a hobby like i do in video games it really helps to distract the mind and relax and to get away from it all for a few hours.

Anyway i hope that was moderately illuminating 🙂

Thanks for reading




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