My Top 5 Games of 2012

2 weeks late but better late than never here are my top 5 favourite games from last year:


Number 5: Hitman Absolution

This game came as a pleasant surprise for me because im not the biggest hitman fan in the world, i’d played blood money during the relative infancy of the xbox 360 so when i bought absolution i wasn’t overly sure what to expect from it. Overly difficult stealthiness where you had to be spot on at every turn to get the highest rating (which i always screwed up and alerted every guard around so i’d have to gun everyone down with the finesse of a charging elephant). Happily though the game managed to keep the game well balanced enough that idiots like me can feel like a super stealthy badass assassin too without needing the prerequisite super sneaky stealth bollock skills that you would have needed in the previous game. Its not too short or too long either which is definitely a plus as a few games can have a tendency to over stay there welcome but thankfully theres no problem of that here.


Number 4: Dishonored

I got this along with X-Com Enemy Unknown as they were released on the same day. I hadn’t read much about it but i was intrigued enough by its premise to pick it up and im very glad i did, never before have i found a primarily stealth game to be so much fun the mechanics are straight forward to grasp and you increasingly unlock more powers to make sneaking around easier, like walking with no foot step sound or warping ahead of you a certain distance. This opens up a certain amount of directions you can approach your targets rather than a linear set of corridors and guards some games force you down. The game is just so cleanly and crisply put together, the story is your typical fare though you get betrayed, get put in prison, you break out and want revenge on the evil dictatorship that has sprung up over night in your absence. Apart from the slightly lacking story theres no getting away from just how fun this game is too play and i reccomend it highly.


3: Far Cry 3

I’ve already written a little review for this so i’ll keep this one brief. This game is everything an FPS sandbox should be, plenty to do, it looks gorgeous, fun to play and most of all its fun to explore and that’s the kicker you can spend loads of your time not doing any missions and just traipsing through the jungles and the mountains just taking everything in, and when the mood takes you go hunting tigers with grenades and assault rifles! Its a must buy


Number 2: The Walking Dead

This is an adventure game with roots in the point and click adventure game genre made by telltale games and was released episodically on all formats and was a big hit and rightly so as this game was awesome. The gameplay part of it was solid click here click there solve simple puzzles etc but where the game really stood out for me was its utterly brilliant story telling as you follow round lee the main character with a group of surivors trying to avoid the zombie hordes and bandits. Its one of the few games which actually pulls off making you care about the characters you interact with and genuinely makes you think before making a choice that will affect the games outcome, as this game has alot of different choices you make that effects how the story rolls out.

Each episode kept you gripped from start to end and when it finished there was always the impatient wait of about 2 months before the next episode got released (every episode is now released) and that surely is a sign of the games greatness. If you have the points and havent bought it, why not? and if you don’t have the points get some and do yourself a favour and buy it!


Number 1: X-Com Enemy Unknown

This game is essentially a remake of the earlier X-Com games (which were classic RTS games) which sadly i never had the chance to play so when this came around i knew i had to try it out and lo an behold it was brilliant after the first few minutes of the tutorial mission i was hooked and played it solidly for days. The difficulty is absolutely punishing at times until you get used to it so i had to restart fairly early a few times on as i kept running out of money and getting alot of my soldiers killed oops. Once i got to grips with it however forget about it i had a ball, a particular thing i liked was the base building and researching for better weapons, armour and technology to help you better understand and destroy the alien menace!

It’s sadly quite buggy although i only really encountered the being able to shoot through walls one so i was probably a bit lucky in retrospect. The plot is the standard aliens invade you must defeat aliens etc but whats so absorbing is the combat, you have to be on your toes at all times otherwise you will get your squad destroyed the game is punishing like that but it never gets annoying because you get that immense feeling of satisfaction when you pull off a mission without any casualties.

On whatever format you find it on give it a go, if you have the slightest liking of the RTS genre theres more than a good chance you’ll love this game as much as i did as again it is outstanding.


Thanks for reading!



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