Part 2: Favourite game soundtracks

Hey guys and girls

well here it is the long promised 2nd part! I got caught up playing silent hill 3 and the devil may cry HD collection, silent hill 3 particularly ate up alot of my time even though now i suspect i’ve screwed myself over in the game and wont be able to continue because i ran out of health items and barely any ammo for my weapons.

But anyway i digress, there are games out there that really spend alot of time on there sound and music that really add alot to the immersion and overall pleasure of playing them, and none more so pulls it off than Okami.

The version i played was on the wii during the brief months that i had one, i got rid of it owing to the lack of games for it that i was particularly interested in. Okami was the game i had half a mind to buy once i got a wii and boy did i make the right choice because the game was/is amazing, ive heard it described as kind of zelda-ey and i can kind of see some similarities but really it stands on its own as an original gaming IP.

The visuals, the scale everything meshed together so well to create an utter masterpiece one that surely shows off gaming as an art form in some aspects. Now the soundtrack perfectly accentuated the visual style and the story, at places incredibly haunting and others incredibly beautiful.

One of my favourite songs from the soundtrack is here the uepeker theme, uepeker is a town you come across much later in the game and appears to be nothing more than a ghost town with thick mist hanging around everywhere adding to the sense of isolation which hopefully you’ll be able to tell just by listening to the track. I could listen to it over and over again.

Another one is the shinsu plains portraying a wide open field with (seemingly) limitless possiblities of exploration and wonder as the music makes you want to keep running and take in the gorgeous scenery.

Those two are just one of many in a long list of great music tracks from the OST, from the links i provided to a youtuber that has uploaded the entire OST you’ll be able to experience them for yourselves and hopefully agree with me that it is one of the greatest soundtracks of all time.

Thanks for reading


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