Horus Rising #1 In the Horus Heresy Series


(Pretty much the book cover but this cover is also for the audiobook aswell)

I’ve only been a fan of warhammer 40k games over the last few months but i’ve really taken to it and it was only a natural progression to start reading the books available which initially i had no idea existed, i just thought it was the games plus the original table top games it was based off. Thankfully i was wrong and noticed there was a series called horus heresy and i snapped up the first four books as i’d heard of them via the warhammer 40k wiki which i had previously spent alot of time reading up on as the lore behind the warhammer 40k universe it was absolutely fascinating.

When i started reading Horus Rising i wasn’t too sure what to expect, but happily within the first few pages i knew i’d love it (i had read previously individual battle novels which told a story of actions or past glories of the space marines) it was so well written in my opinion it never got to stodgy in its story telling always keeping a nice even pace throughout. Even with the battle scenes of which there are a few as this is a story of humanities great crusade across the galaxy bringing the light of the imperial truth to the lost human worlds. So of course there will be fights and lots of them, but they are one of the highlights of the books, fast paced, rather descriptive if you get my drift and don’t overstay there welcome.

The book really goes into detail to make sure there is no confusion about how the adeptus astartes (Space marines) are incredibly different to humans (as there essentially genetically enhanced 8 ft tall super soldiers bred to know no fear) and the story does deal with deep themes, for example how there bringing the imperial truth to the galaxy of science whereas all religion is for the weak and misguided and must be crushed. Not always as bluntly as that but you get what im trying to say.

This book is not without it’s intrigue as its essentially setting everything up sowing the seeds of the heresy in the story and explains about the astartes and the humans role but also explaining about the demi-gods called primarchs who lead the astartes and are bred from the emperor the master of man kind, who some believe to be an actual god although he’s always denied it and as religion is frowned upon it is to the reader nothing more than a cult.

I won’t go into spoilers too much, overall this book is incredibly entertaining and has that quality which is often needed in a book where you just can’t or perhaps won’t! put the book down because you want to see what happens next, just the next page oh just this next page etc etc until its 5 am and you’ve been reading for hours which i have done with the horus heresy books so far.

and it also starts to dabble into some pretty serious themes too, so if your even a little bit of a sci fi fan i think you owe it to yourself to take a look at this and even if your not you may be surprised.


Thanks for reading



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  1. Je viens de découvrir votre blog, il y a des post très intéressant. Bonne continuation.

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