Star wars Knights of the old republic memories

This was my first bioware game id ever played and boy was it one of the best they’d ever created, it was so good and was so well written and was a testament to what could be done with the star wars universe with good writers as opposed with the writers they have for the movies so far….

It of course follows the now standard bioware format of being screwed over by an over arching evil and its up to you to collect or round up a certain amount of things or people to your cause to defeat evil (only a slight variation depending on the game). In the case of knights of the old republic 1 you have to activate different star maps in the galaxy so you can figure out where the big bad guy is hiding out.

The combat is a hybrid of real time and turn based where you can pause the action and decide what your character or what your team will do and what powers at your disposal you will use, i loved this as i would always use the light side but i would always make sure i’d level up force lightning as that would always be the most effective power out of everything else.

The voice acting was always top drawer, and by that i mean they never detracted from the universe they always seemed to fit into the story and never made you think that they never belonged. One of my absolute favourite characters in the game was HK-47 a hunter killer droid who had a dark side leaning who was always hilarious in his dialogue choices, it would always be him who asked whether it might be simpler to kill the “meatbag” than to talk with it but in more humourous dialogue.

The villain in knights of the old republic 1 was masterfully well done because he was always intimidating and gave off the feeling of utter hopelessness when he faced the player always making you second guess whether you could actually beat him because he seemed juts way too powerful. Of course when the time came round to fighting him you were over powered beyond belief and you could deal with him as you would deal with a speck of dust on your glasses. Even if the level cap is 20 reaching that level would always make you the equivalent of a vengeful god looking to destroy the human race. When you get down to it there was never much strategy to the combat which didnt bother me too much, as long as you were powerful enough you could power through to the head enemy and cut him down with your light sabre.

The one big flaw with the game was that it was quite buggy. When i first played it on xbox 1 it had a bug with the systems clock and you had to do a myriad of things to get it working correctly that surely should have been caught in testing.

Thankfully the game and its sequel are out on the pc too on steam and very cheap too so theres no reason why you cant pick it up for a few pounds πŸ™‚ it gives you the feeling of being an all poweful jedi knight and surely thats one of the things you buy a star wars game for, to be able to wield a light sabre and force powers and to be able to make the enemy guards your bitches.

I thouroughly reccomend it and its sequel as there only a few pounds each and you owe it to yourself to play them for the sheer experience and story telling of the game that easily beats the films.

Only a short ish one today but next post will be the next part of my favourite game soundtracks πŸ™‚


Thanks for reading



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