Guilty Pleasure’s: Alpha Protocol For The Xbox 360

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while as a sort of confessional if you will, owning up to a game that i actually like playing even though for all intents and purposes isnt a great game. This one always comes to the fore front in my mind because i did have a lot of fun playing it despite its ugly visuals, terrible A.I. and being bugged up the arse it didnt matter because it appealed to the side of you that fantasises about being a super spy agent with the gadgets, weapons, fast cars and fast women! So the ideas around it are actually superb it just lacks the implementation to put it mildly.

Now this game was developed by Obsidian (published by sega) which should set alarm bells ringing already because there not exactly known for releasing games with the minimal of glitches and bugs if you know what i mean, see previous obsidian developed title Fallout: New Vegas. Anyway the first thing you notice about the game is that it’s fucking ugly now i didn’t expect mass effect quality graphics but i was hoping for at least serviceable, there more at the level of a ps2 with rubbish voice acting to match. The combat is, barely functional although it is nice to have a game where you have to take your time to pick your shots mimicking real world conditions. Although the firefights in the game almost always never turn out like that as you can get through 95% of the game just running and gunning to your hearts content, which is oddly something i found quite entertaining.

The story is at best non sensical so i wont try to explain it as im not sure i fully understand it myself, but it also doesnt help matters when the conversation system is confusing as anything where you choose from three standard responces suave, aggressive and professional thats it you dont get given any clue at what the dialogue would be when you choose it. So essentially you pick an option and hope it corresponds with what you want.

On to the stuff i actually like about the game and as i said i find the combat system fun because it makes you feel like some invincible super man as you can take a huge amount of damage with regenerating health. To add to the aura of being a super man you have the chance to learn new abilities and upgrades to your spy powers as you level up throughout the game, there is one particularly game breaking one where it lets you become invisible for a set amount of time which can pretty much let you ghost past every enemy in the game. The upgrade system is incredibly basic, you have several slots where you can add upgrades to armour and weapons to increase your stats which pleasingly actually does affect your weapons rather than just in the cosmetic sense.

On that line of thinking you get to make numerous decisions on your missions that actually have an effect in game on the story and the layout and the strength of the enemy during missions which i have to say was a pleasant surprise when i first played the game because it meant you had to think again before making choices lest you mess something up and make your next mission ten times harder.

Overall the game is fun or at least i think so, as long as you can gloss of the myriad of glitches and bugs and the awful visuals you’ll experience a fun game with some great ideas underneath the surface (awful implementation) but they are there, and as you can get the game on the cheap now, at my local GAME it was £6 which is a bargain and the prices wont fluctuate too much from shop to shop so if you see if in town give it a second look you might be surprised.


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