Part 1: My favourite Game Soundtracks

Music in games have had an up and down relationship over the years from the simple beep boops of the gameboys to the full orchestral scores in the current generation of games. It all started for me with first xbox and Halo 1.

This was the first game in my experience that used music to complement the story and the action of the game, to pump you up during battles or to put you in the correct emotional state at a particular moment in the story. My favourite was the menu music which gave the halo series its indentity with the male choir and the subtle drums (with each game the music had a subtle twist to give it a new sense of identity) the music always fit so well and at times over-shadowed what was happening in the game because it was so masterfully executed.

Another stand out for me was (jumping ahead a generation) the mass effect series. I have talked a little bit about mass effect before but the music and sound deserve a special mention, from mass effect 1-3 the music was always strikingly beautiful and at times very subtly played out to add to the drama playing out on screen. My absolute favourite tune in the entire series is in mass effect 3 called “leaving earth” it plays while commander shepard is fleeing earth from the reaper invasion on the normandy surveying the devastation as they fly away and a piano starts playing and it’s extremely haunting giving you that feeling of how do we stop something so powerful and the utterly hopeless situation that earth finds itself in, it was so well done.

An honourable mention for the xbox live arcade would be “Super Meat Boy” the platforming equivalent of Trials HD. So addictive but in equal measure so incredibly difficult and frustrating, the music had to be awesome to stop the player throwing the controller out of the window or crying like babies. So thankfully it is brilliant, fast paced insanely catchy it was easily good enough to stand on its own as an album (my other favourites could too also) and it helps immensely to smooth out the squintillion times you will die in the game!


Im going to cut it a bit short here today ill put up part 2 soon you’ll see why i decided to split it up because the next part will be dedicated to my absolute and utter favourite soundtrack of all time….and the game is pretty good too! 😉


Thanks for reading



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