Gaming Memories: The Command And Conquer Series And RTS In General


The RTS is a genre thats quite dear to my heart as they were the first type of games id ever played on the pc, and ended up being quite good at them! Even if the majority of RTS’s can be completed by building a super human amount of battle tanks and sweeping from one side of the map to the other, obliterating everything in its path which is a strategy which nearly always works and when it doesnt you switch it to building a huge fleet of attack aircraft, so i never really deviated from that and its always worked for me. Now you’d be forgiven for thinking this would get boring but it doesnt because of the new toys the games keeps throwing at you to use coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes with varying degrees of destructive power.

What brings me nicely onto the command and conquer series is that it also has an additional reward for the player to progress, which is the cutscenes which have defined the series and are always delightfully entertaining albeit slightly cheesy! They have this straight to dvd film feel to them in the early games which they tried to rectify by bringing in big name actors such as michael ironside and…erm…other people! Although happily they carry on the series tradition of being incredibly silly, although you did have to laugh when they brought in the likes of Gemma Atkinson (British model/actress) and Jenny Mcarthy for red alert 3, you just couldn’t help feeling they were appealing to a very certain section of demographics *nudge* *nudge* My overall favourite C&C game has to be red alert 2 that brought it into more modern day (and i use the term modern day very loosely) it was very fun and the lure of the next missions cutscenes would always be the incentive to carry on. As the story was your standard russians bad invade america etc so the story was extremely forgetable but the actors pull off such great/bad performances its great.

There is also the lure of unlocking bigger and better weapons and super weapons, although while fun for a while you generally ignore them and go with the units you know that work so there only a minor distraction. In the C&C series the super weapons were at least inventive ranging from weather storm generators, iron curtains (give units invincibility for a time) the obligatory nukes and so forth.

Now i played these games back in the day when i was in my early teens so i dont think i completely understood what was going on in the cutscenes, but once the game started i was always in my element as i love/loved base building, making that super base with impenetrable defences that no one could touch and apocalyptic sized armies was my kind of shit. I nearly always ran out of credits with that strategy but hell i didnt care it was only until my later years i started to give myself a bit more leeway and let myself build more ore refineries rather than just let one fund my entire doom sized army and base.

I started to play C&C less and less as i got older as my tastes started to change but i’ll always look back on my time with the series and smile they gave me alot of pleasure back in the day 🙂

The only game in the series which didnt do that was Command And Conquer 4…. Which sucked major arse

Thanks for Reading!


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2 Responses to Gaming Memories: The Command And Conquer Series And RTS In General

  1. bmleech says:

    Warning, nuclear missile launched

  2. djrutland says:

    Chronosphere Ready…..doesnt really have the same impact does it as the nuclear missile launched…

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