Part 2: New Years A.K.A Warhammer 40k fanboying

It was during the new years period, that i continued my love of reading and my developing passion and fanboyism of the warhammer 40k universe, i have both dawn of wars for the pc and there various expansion packs which are really good fun. My favourite of the 2 is dawn of war 2, it looks gorgeous when compared with the first one and plus you can use your xbox live gamertag and earn glorious achievements as ive mentioned before im an achievement whore so when i learned it used games for windows live i squee’d ever so slightly.

My absolute favourite favourite warhammer 40k game is “Space Marine” i absolutely love that game, i love everything about it, the visuals, the understated yet poweful voice acting (and by that i mean they give the impression of being an utter badass, not needing to woop and holler) the way ive described the game to some people is the british gears of war although warhammer 40k and warhammer have been around for at least 20 years beginning as a table top game, the story i liked its kept simple i expect for the people who are new to the universe such as myself when i first played it! The combat though oh man the combat is brilliant, it gives you a meaty feel with combat and its gun play as you are an 8 foot tall super soldier with a huge amount of armour on and  the sound really adds to impact and overall feel of being a complete wrecking machine.

…Moving on as im fanboying a little too much.

The books are something ive only recently discovered and gotten into, and surprise surprise ive fallen in love with them too there so well written and the story is so damn engaging you never want to put the book down. I got three battle novels for christmas which are great, there not series but tell a story of individual glories by the adeptus astartes (Space Marines) chapters. On new years i picked up the first 3 books of the horus heresy series which deserve a whole new post from me once ive bought a few more but trust me again there such a great read.

Ok i’ve gone way off topic for what i intended this post to be…


New years was good plenty of booze, party games, family round ours. Its just a shame the celebrations had to end but i think it came at the right time if you know what i mean, i think everyone was ready for a new year a fresh start.

Thanks for reading



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