Part 1: The christmas holidays

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and new years!

Im still here promise, what with the christmas period and illness has taken up alot of my time. Speaking of christmas though it was a fun time we spent it with family in london, the usual mix of loud, slightly drunk revelry which is happily typical of christmas family do’s. I got a number of 360 games a bit of chocolate and socks (theres a story to the socks as we always seem to have ankle socks at home which i absolutely hate so i was fairly happy with the higher up socks!).

Sleeping problems are still persistent as ever but happily the anxiety issues have been getting better, although that is most likely down to me taking my tablets a bit more regularly this time (as id gone through a period where i just couldnt remember to take them every day so thankfully my dad reminds me every day to take them and there having the desired effects on my anxious and depressed moods) ill have to see the doctors about the persistent sleep problem as ive been struggling to get up in the mornings, i mean i can do it but im like a walking zombie for alot of the day. All i can say is thank the lord for the youtube app on the iphone for when i wake up during the nights which are nigh on guaranteed to happen! it acts as good company until i feel sleepy again.

During the christmas and new year periods i’ve been going back to the mass effect trilogy and loving it, i still think the first one is the best owing to the over arching story giving you direction and purpose, whereas with 2 it didnt feel like you were contributing to a whole goal you were just collecting crewman for a mission at the end of a game, perhaps that was the whole point to make the player feel isolated from the rest of the galaxy and it just went over my head but it felt a little bit too much like busy work, now dont get me wrong i really like the game but i think its the weakest of the three.

mass effect 3 i love i believe it pushes more towards the type of game mass effect 1 was while keeping and refining mass effect 2’s very good combat system. While improving on the already very pretty graphics, the multiplayer was actually very fun to play aswell which came as a surprise i think to alot of people just expecting a tacked on half arsed multiplayer with absolutely no depth. We were proved wrong however and the community is still thriving to this day as theres always an abundance of games going you can join on live or psn.

A quick note on the ending, i didn’t mind the original one too much ( i chose the blow up the reapers option) but given time to think on it, it was actually very dissapointing, an anti climax if you will where you go through this epic adventure and you end up meeting a child seemingly A.I and then you have to make one of three choices all of which were very similar and unfulfilling i think perhaps what contributed to peoples feelings about the ending is that bioware is usually known for good writing and story telling right up until they farted on the ending so perhaps from that the expectations were going to be understandably high for a satisfying conclusion, as for the extended cut ending i liked that it could have gone on a bit longer like the lord of the rings ending for return of the king but i guess i cant be too fussy.

The post is getting a smidge big so ill break it up into two parts

Thanks for reading!

Part 2 incoming


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