Movie Night: Expendables 2!


I bought this the other day and have only just got round to watching the movie in its entirety, and the overall reaction for me through out the entire film was….ehhhh i mean it was a good action film but of course i’ve seen it all before, they werent even trying to hide the cliches and the blatant references to older classic action films such as the terminator or die hard (coming from none other than arnie and bruce willis) “ill be back, no you’ve been back enough ILL be back…..yi pe kay yay” as you see from that example theres no subtlety whatsoever but then again i guess with this sort of film your not looking for subtlety, at all.

The action scenes of course are good, it has that old school action feel that the heroes will never ever get shot when standing out in the open and taking down bad guys with the firepower akin to a nuclear bomb. A dissapointment for me was that they didnt have any moment really where they wowed you, for example in the first expendables near the end there was a scene with terry crewes fireing an automatic shotgun in a tight corridor mowing down tons of guards, now that was awesome. You dont really get any such surprises this time around and i cant help feeling that its a bit more run of the mill.

Now an action film that really got my attention and i loved was “The Raid” that was all kinds of awesome throught the movie, like for instance the main swat cop going mental with a nightstick and a knife down a corridor of apartments against men armed with guns, or the same guy putting a propane gas canister into a fridge, then chucking in a grenade turning it around and letting the explosing go down the corridor. Its those bits that make you go WOW now that was awesome and i feel the expendables 2 lacked those moments for far too long a period during the run time.

All of the cast is back with varying length of cameo’s one big example being chuck norris who turns up for 2 minutes then about 30 seconds at the end, which feels like false advertising when he’s featured on the dvd box and that he’s barely there, although that isnt as bad as jet li, poor guy is there for the prologue fight scenes then they find an excuse for him to leave the film and he never returns you cant help feeling whats the point.

Then again there are the obligatory cameos from arnie and bruce willis but ill give the movie a bit of slack here because they do a bit more than just turn up for a minute and spout cliched catchphrases etc (they actually participate in gun fights) but you cant help get the feeling that they are really pushing it age wise where there just not that believeable as action stars anymore, and not that fearsome although with the exception of dolph lundgrens character who is awesome if slightly deranged but that adds to his menace. The other regular cast members are alright if a little unmemorable.


(Dolph Lundgren, all kinds of awesome in the film!)

The story..well there isnt really much worth talking about here carry on! 🙂

Overall yeah the film is good but it was a dissapointment for me, i was expecting so much more although perhaps im just getting jaded with unspectacular gun fights and explosions. I’ll admit i got a bit sad at the end because you see arnie, sly stallone and bruce willis together by a helicopter and sly says “it belongs in a museum” and arnie says “we all day” and that line hits home there age as they look as old as they’ve ever been, its like an end of an era, although perhaps its about time but still its sad to see them past there prime.

at best for me this is a rental.

Thanks for reading


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