Game Time: Hitman: Absolution!



Ive just finished the campaign today and got through a few user made contracts and while its all still fresh i thought id write down my thoughts now

I loved it, theres something particularly nostalgic about playing a hitman game because no matter how old i get or the different iterations of the game ill always end up screwing up the stealth and setting off every alarm possible in the level. Although i have to note that i do try and play the game properly, its just i always seem to find a way to srew up its not on purpose i promise you!

Its not quite as sandboxy as previous games and a little more streamlined as the previous editions which i prefer actually, gives you a bit more scope about what your meant to do or some useful hints about accidental kills, rather than wondering round a level not sure what i’m meant to be doing…Although admittedly that may because i was just rubbish who knows 🙂

Reprising agent 47 is awesome as it makes you feel like such a badass, the suit, his uncompromising attitude it works so well rather than make him a the typical goody goody hero. The story which i wont spoil here is rather good…Thats all ill say about it! Well and that it is very satisfying and helps put you in the mood to do whatever it takes to complete the story and save the girl…ok i said a bit more than i was meaning to 🙂

but the point is it all fits very well. Graphically it all holds up very well and there are a dozen scenes where its very cinematic looking which look beautiful (hint: the level called courtroom) more importantly though the game is fun to play and that shines through the entire campaign. As for the contract mode, well its ok i was expecting a big level of customisation about the type of contracts you could make but there isnt, you go through a level tag the targets you want then you have to take them out in the ways you want and then you have to do it yourself, which makes sense as if you want to challenge other people to do it then you have to prove you can do it yourself.

Once your done with the mode though… i.e. once you get all the achievements then theres nothing to keep you playing it unless you want to buy upgrades for the weapons which i couldnt really detect made any difference at all. Overall its a nice little distraction that perhaps needs a bit more work and fleshing out but it has potential.

Overall its a great game and well worth the great reviews its received and also myself adding to the praise 🙂 it is also again well worth the purchase!


Thanks for reading



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