Nintendo Memories: Pokemon

The weather outside is truly awful right now, rain upon rain with yet more rain. So i figured now was the time to write a new post.

Now it is probably classed as criminal that i havent really mentioned the pokemon games in any depth, the reason behind that was purely to give it the attention it deserved.

So, my first pokemon game i ever owned was pokemon red on the original gameboy, i believe it was the very first editions released i was 13 i think (im 26 now and bearing in mind pokemon has been around for a long time now so ill have to work alot off my patchy memory so i apologise if i get a little vague). Now at the time i thought pokemon red was the best game ever created, i loved trying to collect every pokemon, training them up like your very own pet army to take on the world…Or in this case the gym leaders in the game world to become the greatest trainer of them all!

My starter pokemon was charmander, the fire types always interested me more than grass or water types as well to my mind they didnt seem so offensively minded. I mean fire surely is more fierce than water or grass! (well thats what i thought at the time, the logic of a 13 year old) although it continued in a pattern with the later pokemon games as i always went for the fire type they always served me well, even against water type which was really dumb but i always managed to scrape through with nano slivers of health remaining.

As a gameboy game it was truly astounding for its longevity and overall fun factor when you consider the technology powering it was more than obsolete it was positively stone age. I think the game benefitted from that because really the gameplay was deceptively simple when you think about it, essentially collect the little monsters train them up fight the gym leaders who were masters of the respective types: electric,flying etc and that was about it but it was so damn addictive in its execution you just had to get every single one and to make that absolutely invincible pokemon team.

Now pokemon totally took over school in my area everyone comparing strategies and the odd time trading different pokemon, it was immense how it managed to permeate the young teenage consciousness. It was the sort of thing nintendo was really good at in those days, no idea about these days as i havent really played a nintendo console in a long time although i suspect its much harder to take over the culture like the did when there are so many more quality competitors out there in the industry.

There are so many more editions of pokemon such as yellow, silver, gold etc and to be honest they were all the same bar a few subtle differences. However it still made me squee in a high pitch fanboyish squeal because the formula was so damn good, i guess the old adage of if its not broke dont fix it applies to every pokemon game ever made.

Im going to touch on the cartoons quickly as they were ridiculously popular, again nintendo are so good at quickly cashing in on an IP’s popularity and ride it for as long as they can. They were strangely addictive to watch as it almost let you compare notes from the game to the show, it felt like you were as much a part of the pokemon universe as the characters in the cartoon and for a lonely teenager such as myself at the time it was a great thing to have. Although as the series’ progressed to incorporate the pokemon from the silver and gold editions and so forth i compeltely lost touch with it although that could be down to getting older and moving onto other thing? But ill always look back on those times and smile 🙂

The last pokemon game i played i think was fire red on the nintendo DS, at least i think it was called that, it was basically a remake of red utilising the DS’ far more advanced tech. It was really good but essentially it was the exact same game as red with a little extra tacked on, theres not a whole lot else i can say about it.

Overall the pokemon series has given me alot of happy memories and even though i rarely play them anymore ill always look back on those times with a happy heart 🙂

Thanks for reading



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